Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Like Weather" - more images and text

This is the back cover of "Like Weather", my flag book. It is the image I was originally thinking of using for the flags, but I have chosen one which I think works better. Throughout the book there are photos of clouds together with digital alterations. I hope this implies something of a tension between the real and the virtual, the reality of a situation and our emotional response to it.
I have also used completely different text from the first version I posted here. I decided to take a more conceptual approach, with which I feel more comfortable. I am not at all experienced at writing narrative and I know it is not something you can just "whip up".
Below is the new text:
Between 11pm May 14th and 11pm May 15th, 2007, for every hour that I was awake, I recorded my predominant emotion.
11pm optimistic
12am peaceful
9am confused
10am anxious
11am tense but sleepy
12pm rushed
1pm tired
2pm relaxed
3pm down
4pm peaceful
5pm excited
6pm doubtful
7pm rushed
8pm thoughtful
9pm emotional
10pm thoughtful
11pm satisfied


  1. I'm fascinated with this book -- you've made the clouds so immense and expressive (or they were already that way, and you've brought it out :) -- looking forward to its progression.

  2. I llove these cloud images. reminds me of a flight back to UK from USA years ago ---- above the clouds with dawn coming up and Vivaldi on the headphones. Bliss.

    Are you going to incorporate any of your self portraits within te clouds ?

  3. Nancy - thank-you for your encouragement with this book. It means a lot to me. I am hopeful I will manage to get this draft assembled this week-end. Then I can post it off to my supervisor for his comments, but of course I'll photograph it first, and post some images.

    Cusp - you are absolutely right, flying at dawn is sublime. I've only done it once, many years ago, but I remember it well. No, I am not planning to incorporate the self portraits with the clouds - they are for a different work. Interesting idea though....

  4. Congratulations on the progress of your artists book. The images are expressive and the conceptual text seems like a perfect fit. I look forward to seeing more of the finished work.