Sunday, July 31, 2011

My website is up! Huzzah!

After a few days of concentrated effort I have uploaded the basic content for my website and published it! YAY!

You can find it at:



I’ve been messing around for over 6 months trying to organize one, but I don’t think that I’ve been totally convinced that I needed one before Fiona’s comment on blogging. She delineated beautifully for me the way that a website can be your “professional face”, leaving you free to be more playful and/or personal on your blog.

This was the motivation I obviously needed to get to work and more importantly to finish (for now).

I tested out three different options, which were either totally free or had free trials before deciding to go with (recommended by Sandra Pearce – thanks Sandra!).

First, I spent ages choosing a layout or theme. There are so many on offer and some are really funky or gorgeous, but I realized that the last thing you want when you are an artist is somebody else’s aesthetic on your website. Somewhat ruefully, I opted for a plain option.

All the services I checked out offered plain and simple design options, and they also all offered the possibility to buy your own domain name (e.g. or similar).

I chose weebly in the end because it was quick and easy to use. Your options are set out across the top of the screen and you simply drag them into place. I found some of the others far less intuitive in their operation. I had to keep returning to the “help” page to remind myself how things worked. There’s enough to be done loading up loads of visuals and text without unnecessary complications, I think.

Anyway, if you decide to pop over and check out the website I’d love to hear from you. If you come across anything that doesn’t work as you would expect, or if the organisation doesn’t make sense to you, I’d be most grateful if you would let me know!



P.S BTW I don’t have any affiliation with Weebly, they are just the option I found easiest and so I thought I’d tell you about them in case you are interested.






  1. I like the simplicity and clean lines of your site Amanda. Bravo! I noticed that when you click on the Portfolio link the top of the page says Portolio which I presume is a typo. Other than that, everything looks nice and works beautifully.

    I have been trying to get a portfolio site up too, although I'm being either quite lazy or distracted about it.

  2. Woopsie! thanks Nancy!
    It is a bit of a bore, but great once it's done.

  3. Congratulations on getting a website up! It's clean and elegant looking. I completely agree about a website being a space for a more professional "face." I tend to think of mine as my online portfolio (which, ugh, I need to be better about updating from time to time...). I do think it's good to have both. I'm impressed--putting together a website is not easy!

  4. Just letting you know that the website doesn't work well on an iPad, which is a shame because the iPad is a lovely way to browse art online. If you'd like details on what's not working, let me know.

    I might also be able to suggest alternative site creators if you like.

  5. Hi Amanda, well done! It looks great and I found the links easy to follow. It's nice to see an off-the-shelf website that's got such clean lines... it looks very professional. Sara x

    p.s. I like the security letters which I have to type for this comment: they spell "careful"!

  6. Thanks all of you for taking the time to visit my website and check things for me. I really appreciate it.

    Carissa: hello and welcome! I checked the site on IT's iPad and have made a number of layout changes. I think it should display properly now. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Like others before me, I like the clean layout of the pages, and the "spring" image you choose to use on the pages.
    Searching for something that isn't perfect, I realized that when I use the notebook the wide screen doesn't go well with your frame settings. But that is a mere inconvenience. I will make a screenshot and send it to you to make myself understood. But probably I cannot be helped, and it is a common problem I have with many websites.

    Congrats on getting this done, and well done :-)

  8. Hi Amanda, the website looks very simple and elegant and let's the works speak, which I think is lovely. I'm glad you found the 'key' or the way to publish and thanks for linking to me. I need to update my own website more, but we do what we can when we can right?

  9. Your new website looks fabulous. I love the design and layout, it's clean, easy to navigate and professional looking.
    Well done!