Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Like Weather" - a mock-up

Above: the book fully extended, showing (l to r) back cover, spine and front cover.

Below: the first opening, showing inside cover and the start of the flags.

Above: Showing the imagery inside.

Finally I have some photos to show you of the mock-up of my flag book, Like Weather. I am still not sure that I am happy with the way the main image (the one above) is working. I don't think there is really enough variation across the flags, but perhaps I am wrong. The top flag does seem to work quite well, but the lower two not so well. I have printed an alternative image and am planning to assemble it in the next few days to compare. Perhaps you could let me know what you think when you see the two options.

I had huge hassles getting the colours to print the way I wanted, and that was just with my old printer, not the new Epson 2100. By the time the Epson arrived, I had invested so much time getting the colours right on the Canon, I could not bear to start all over again, even though the final version of the book will be printed on the Epson.

I think that some of my colour problems are to do with the fact that I work on a laptop. (When I had to upgrade my computer last year, I splurged on a laptop, which I absolutely love because I can take it anywhere, and it is so compact and doesn't take up valuable space in the studio). Unfortunately, I have now discovered that the screens in laptops are not regarded highly for their colour accuracy. Maybe I will even have to buy another screen, I don't know. Fortunately I do have the money at the moment, but of course there are a hundred other things I need. Oh well! we will see.

This post is a little slower than I had hoped because the last week was a busy one, with three "health-related" appointments. Sometimes it feels like a full-time job being sick! The coming week looks a bit quieter appointment-wise, but I will have to do a lot of writing rather than making. This is however, good news, because I have been offered my first-ever paid writing job.

It seems that people who know about ceramics and are comfortable writing are quite rare, and consequently over the years, I have been called on to write a few articles about the work of artists in my area for the Australian Journal of Ceramics. This is always unpaid work, but I have been happy to do it because I always learn a lot from the process and enjoy the writing. (And it's also a good thing to put on your CV.)

This time though, I have been asked by a nearby regional gallery (Redlands Art Gallery) to write the catalogue essay for an exhibition of ceramics by Julie Shepherd, a local ceramic virtuoso. Julie makes the most exquisite egg-shell thin pierced porcelain works and yesterday I visited her and saw some of the literally hundreds of pieces she is making for this major solo showcase of her work. Just catching up with Julie who is a friend I studied with, and seeing her amazing work up close was a treat, but getting some $$$s too - well, I do feel lucky!


  1. It's always hard to tell from photos but I really like the colours and how it all folds out. I think it’s different and an intriguing idea too.

  2. Amanda, this looks amazing. It seems to have a really calming feel to it. I'm not sure if it is the colours or the photographs of the clouds but whatever it is, for me it is somewhat soothing and makes me want to pick it up and turn over the folds to reveal what is hiding beneath.
    I like the matt slightly textured cardstock that you have used, that really adds to the overall 'feel' of the book.

    Fantastic work!


  3. Oh this looks great.

    I had a closer look by clicking on each image and getting as 'close' as I could and I agree with Azirca that the sort of cardstock you've chosen looks really well with the images. It has a really contemplative quality to it and a feeling of 'joiners'. I look forward to seeing the next version.

    I think you're right about the screens on laptops --- I've had similar problems with mine. Borrow or buy another screen (2nd hand ? EBay again ? --- mine came from there and has been fine). It's not worth spoiling such a fine piece of work after all your effort, for the price of a screen --- and anyway, now you're earning as a writer !

    Glad you're on a roll!

    I've got a week of health appointments --- one almost everyday this week so I sympathise with your irritation.


  4. Thank-you all for your interest and support! This is the major piece I have been working on this year, and now that it is getting close to finished it is just wonderful to receive such positive feedback! It has really raised my spirits.
    Rabbit & Azirca - I am so glad you like the colours - I have laboured long and hard over them! I also appreciate the comment about the texture of the paper. I will have to make sure that is not lost when I use the "good" paper.
    Cusp - that is a great idea about looking on Ebay for a monitor - don't know why I didn't think of it before....oh, yes I do, I have CFS!LOL!
    Your comment about "joiners" intrigued me too. I have just started reading a book about David Hockney - how is that for synchronicity!
    Thanks again and warmest wishes.

  5. Hi Amanda...its Aine here in Scotland. I was just thinking about you and how you were getting on so I went to Flickr to find you. I saw thast you'd not uploaded there for a few weeks so wondered if you were having health difficulties.
    Anyway its good to see that you have been really pushing ahead with the realisation of your bookart piece. The ideas stage is always the best and most fun part, but then the putting it into a physical reality - well thats just hard hard work !! As I well know with the installation I have been working on. Actually yesterday evening I started fiddling about with it on the wall where it is located ( in our new PERMENENT!!! house) I will post some images on to my own Flickr page later so you can see. Its near its completion though so I'm not under quite so much pressure plus the curator in Sweden loves this piece which as you said in relation to rabbit and azirca comments "feedback is so important" after all we are communicators.
    I mean thats why you enjoys writing so much. (So do I by the way !!)

    Oh and congratulations on your first writing assignment...AND you are not 'lucky' --- you deserve this payment. With your professionalism knowledge and expertiste !!
    Regrading this bookart piece - I agree that the general timbre of the colours are very appealing - I am most interested to see more images and that comparisson you mentioned I will definitley feedback on. Drop us an email when you post the jpgs up. Oh the other thing people have no idea how maddening digital printing can be as in colour matching never mind 'dragging' blobs and all the other numerous 'hassles' one can encounter.

    bye for now your chum


  6. I'm intrigued by how architectural the book seems. Something to walk into... There is tension between the vastness and almost intangibility of clouds and the book-form. The images inside almost painterly. That image you've chosen for the back-cover is amazing, such condensed drama. Being inside that cloud must feel incredibly cold and yet what I get when I look at the pic is volcanic heat. Beautiful.