Friday, April 27, 2012

Dandelion Daze

Thanks to everyone for your considered opinions on my prints last post. Your choices were varied, which was really good, because it gave me the freedom and confidence to select my own favourite.

Finished prints for "Regenerate" show in August
For a close up, see here

There is the edition pictured above, ready to be signed and numbered. For this particular exhibition it is a requirement that we all use the same paper, torn to the same size, which Impress Printmakers provides for us.

The paper is Magnani Incisioni, which is a beautiful off-white cotton rag paper. I was a bit concerned about using an unfamiliar paper, and one that doesn't have an inkjet coating. Fortunately, the prints do look lovely on the Magnani, although I suspect that there is a slight loss of textural detail. I'm going to check on this when I have a little more time.

At the moment, time isn't plentiful, as it is only 10 more sleeps till I head off overseas. If you were following my blog last year when I was in Paris, you may remember that I was excited to stumble upon a bookbinder's studio in the very street where we were staying.

Last time, I couldn't quite make myself turn up at the studio unannounced and try with my stilted French, to speak to the bookbinder Celia Malouvier. I am pleased to report that this time it is different! I have already been in touch and have organised to do some classes with her. On my first visit to the studio, we will decide what I would like to work on in the time that I have. You can rest assured that I will report back to you about this little adventure.

I'll try to post again before we fly out, but if I don't, I'll be back soon, reporting from locations plus exotique.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Working on Digital "Regeneration"

I've been having a lovely time in my studio since returning from Sydney. With all my friends away for Easter and no possibility of health-related appointments either, due to the holidays, a rare stretch of empty days opened up for me. I have an exhibition I am working towards too, so it could not have come at a better time.

In August, Impress Printmakers will move into their newly renovated premises in the old substation at Kelvin Grove. For such an active and professional group, it is sometimes hard to remember that for years they have been operating out of "temporary" premises under the home of one of the members. (The old "Queenslanders", perched above head-height on stumps, are great for this kind of purpose.)

At last the organization will have a permanent home, and will be celebrating with an exhibition titled " ReGenerate". I am delighted that the theme is one that relates to my work, as this seems like a significant occasion and I really wanted to participate and contribute.

Members have to contribute a small edition (at least six prints) and even though isn't many, I decided to play it safe and make mine digital. It is the area where I have the most experience and it is the least physically-demanding.

With four empty days at Easter, plus a pretty quiet week so far, I've been a bit obsessed! The beauty (and the danger) of digital is that you can try so many alternatives. Eventually, last night, I managed a "first cull", printed off the remainder and then put them away for 24 hours to clear my mind. I had been putting them up on the wall, and I find that is great when you want to keep developing things. Ideas just seem to l e a p into your mind with the work in front of you, but it doesn't seem to help the selection process.

So, because you are friends, and I know you will be kind, I thought I would post a few options here for some feedback. They are a mixed bag, some feel finished, some maybe not. I'd love to hear if you have a favourite, or if there is one you think is strongest. Or even if you think that part of one is working well, but needs some tweeking!

Studies for "Regeneration"

Studies for "Regeneration"

Studies for "Regeneration"

Studies for "Regeneration"

Studies for "Regeneration"

Studies for "Regeneration"

Studies for "Regeneration"

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Trying out a little podcasting

Something different for you today, but you need to go here for it.