Monday, June 11, 2007

Flag book - Like Weather

Cover image for the flag book I am working on

I have been making progress VERY SLOWLY on the flag book I started some months ago. The first rough of the inside can be seen here and some work on images along the way in this earlier post. I am getting close to finishing the final draft, which I REALLY want to post off to my supervisor by the end of this week (only 3 weeks late for my (luckily) self-imposed deadline....)

Anyway this (above) is the cover I have come up with - developed from this photo:
It was taken while flying home from Melbourne for Christmas the first year that we moved down there (2003). Back then the camera I had was only 2 megapixels! And it cost an exorbitant A$500, which was all I could manage to scape together. Who would think that in such a short time mobile (cell) phones would have more powerful cameras!

This is the image for the back of the concertina spine to which the flags are attached. It is also developed from the same photo. There is also an image for the back cover, but I am still refining it, so I won't post it yet.
I am really hopeful that I will finish printing all the pages today and then I can work on putting the book together.

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