Monday, July 16, 2012

Amblings #10: Last Days in Paris - St Germain des Pres

Tomorrow is our last full day in Paris and on Tuesday we begin the long journey home. For our last few days we decided to try out the Left Bank, i.e. the left side of the river Seine. (The Marais, where we've stayed before, is on the Right Bank).

So before we leave I'll try to capture a taste of the sights and sounds of this area.

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This is the bell tower of Saint Sulpice viewed from the window of our entry hall.

We are staying in the street to the right, just out of view. In the centre that's Saint Sulpice seen from Rue Mabillon. I don't really think the photo really shows you the way it looms there, like a giant at the end of the street.  

Les Deux Magots

One Magot (above)

                                                                     Two Magots (above)


You can just spot the accordianist in the beret near the cars.

Un bistrot

And a glimpse into another world. (click to enlarge)

Au Revoir Paris!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Brighton - WOW!

The Royal Pavilion with its Indian exterior, Chinese interior and additional gothic flourishes. Why? Well, how else should a love-nest look?

The view along the seafront, showing the famous Brighton Pier and the Brighton Eye.

Crazy golf, chips, mushy peas, Slurpees!
Must be the British seaside.

Yep, take a look at that "sand"....

and a local worshipping those fine grains....

All that remains of the West Pier, after a mysterious fire. What you can see is the ironwork, sitting alone and inaccessible out in the sea.

A lucky find which I stumbled on while wandering "the lanes": Mr Magpie Collectors Emporium, the home of The Brighton Wood Type & Font Shop. You can visit the website here.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Farewell to old Ireland Forever...

Actually the title is quite inaccurate... The song says England not Ireland, and I'm very hopeful it's not forever.
Still, it is farewell at least. Today we're heading back through London and on to Brighton for 5 days.

We've had a very peaceful time in rural Northern Ireland but being so isolated means no internet AND driving half an hour to reach Ballymena for a decent Tescos, so it was beginning to feel as if all I was doing was preparing the next meal. No short-cuts in the country! Oh yes, I admit I am a soft-city girl. The shame!
We've spent two nights in Belfast, ordering room service for dinner and I'm feeling a bit more rested already.
I took the photo below at breakfast today. It's quite a room, operating as a bar at night, although there's no whisky on offer with your porridge here, like there was at the Europa!

We're hoping Brighton will be a good mix for us - a cosmopolitan, arty place, plus the beach.
We've less than two weeks now till we set off on the flight home. I'm not so much looking forward to returning downunder but I'm definitely keen to see the ones I love. You know who you are!
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