Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's Spring in Brisbane....

.......and the weather is amazing! It's all blue skies, temps in the mid to high 20s, cool breezes in the's impossible not to feel happy.

The Dipladenia is going crazy, heavy with flowers and climbing all over the fence, and I couldn't resist spending a little time photographing the flowers and playing with the images. I love the colours and textures in these close crops.

But back to the task at hand...Everything came through the bisque without a crack, and I've managed to polish everything up...days and days of work, but suitable for doing while sitting on the sofa watching TV or listening to music.

Yesterday I did the porcelain firing, and now I'm waiting for the kiln to cool. I don't expect to be able to open it before tomorrow morning. I supported the concertina spine with a bed of alumina and a clay props for each end fold. The props were formed in the plaster mould and painted with alumina in wax so they wouldn't stick together in the firing. Porcelain becomes quite soft and can warp or slump in the high temperatures required to achieve translucency, so it's often necessary to use props or supports. Fingers crossed!

In the mean time, I've been writing up my work and sorting through the visual documentation. It really feels like it's all so close to an end now...I believe I am going to make it! And by the way, I'm managing to keep the nausea and headaches at bay most of the time by eating a very healthy and low fat diet, and drinking ginger tea when necessary. I swear by that stuff! Fantastic!
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