Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amanda's Amblings#7: A peek at Antrim, NI

We've slowed right down now, and have had quiet days snoozing and watching the "sheep" and "bunny" channels.

I've spent a surprising amount of time leaning on window sills, just breathing in the peace, listening for lambs calling their mothers.

We are hoping that a few days rest will allow us to resume outdoor explorations. The Glens of Antrim await us, but until then I've been photographing the scenery that's right outside the door.

The Crown Pub in Belfast, opposite the Europa, the most bombed hotel in Europe.

Tile-work on the outside of the Crown.

A curiously ungrammatical building (zoom in to read).

Our cottage in Carnlough (with the red door).

Across the road.

Looking out the back door.

And the view from bed....

A closer look.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amanda's Audio Amblings


Here's the link to my latest podcast with some news from London and NI.
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Location:Northern Ireland

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Show & Tell: Books

As you can see, we've moved on to the UK now,  but on our last day in Paris we went to an antiquarian book fair at Saint Sulpice. This is held annually, and if you were reading this blog last year, you may remember that we went then too, and bought this beautiful old book.(scroll down a little).

This year I had a specific goal in mind, and I struck gold! Yes, I am now the proud owner of my very own tunnel book. This one is from the 1939 World Fair, and is therefore considerably younger (and cheaper) than the ones I mentioned in my last post. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to own one and I have to thank my dh for searching it out on my behalf. Perhaps it could be the start of a little collection?

This is the front cover.

Looking through the peep-hole.
And again. Look at that "vehicle" on the left! Is it a fore-runner to the segway?

A view from the side.

And to finish off some photos of the books I made in Paris at Atelier du Marais. I promise I will share my experience there in more detail a little later.

Project 1
Blank journal for writing and sketching. Leather cover, marbled end-sheets and prefab book block.

Rolled leather headband.

Project 2

Blank journal for drawing with hand-torn watercolour paper for pages .Linen covers, rolled leather headband.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Amanda's Amblings #5

 In the podcast today I talk about some early tunnel books I saw but I wasn't able to take any photos. Luckily I have been able to find some links to sites with photos and some with further information, in case you are interested in finding out more.

You can see The Thames Tunnel and Crystal Palace Peepshow, both of which I saw, at The Allegro Movable Book Collection (amazingly located in Australia!!) Just scroll down the page a little and you will see them.

There was an exhibition of children's pop-up books earlier this year at the University of Washington and they have some pictures of early German tunnel books by Martin Engelbrecht on their site. Again you need to scroll down, this time about half way down the page.

Over at the Smithsonian website, there is a post about the restoration of another Engelbrecht tunnel book and finally, if you're very keen, this link will take you to Historical Highlight in Paper Engineering, which briefly explains how tunnel books fit into the development of books, printing etc.

And to finish off, while I'm on the subject of miniature worlds, I saw this tiny etching press in the window of a workshop up the street.
You can see it does work, there are some tiny plates and actual prints.

And here is the inking table.

The workshop seemed to be for metal fabrication, so I'm a little unsure why the press is wooden. The tiny musical instruments seem to be more in keeping, but anyway perhaps they would be a good source of aluminium off-cuts for any local etchers.