Art making has become a central aspect of my daily life. I use the process of making to ground me in the present and as a means to process and understand my experiences of life. I tend to use psychological and spiritual frameworks to explore ideas and to try to integrate the big picture with the small detail of the everyday.

Clay was the foundation of my art practice and a few years ago I turned to clay as a raw material, which led to ephemeral works created by sculpting and painting. This allowed me to see the importance of materiality and the sense of touch to the work, and in response I have expanded the range of materials I use.

In my recent work I have been exploring the concept of change as a central facet of existence. Process, transience, fragility and death can be uncomfortable ideas and yet we must learn to accommodate them in order to live without fear. My work embraces these factors, heightens the sense of preciousness in the experiential, and engages with notions of time and performance.