Thursday, April 19, 2007

Calling All Printmakers: Advice Needed

I have been trying my hand at some basic printmaking techniques again. This is a paper plate lithograph, also known as xerox lithography. It is a fairly simple technique and is pretty low in toxicity - you use a xerox or toner copy as your plate and gum arabic to repel the ink. Amazingly, you can use "the plate" two or three times.
I can see a lot of potential with the technique as a method of working with my photos as an alternative to inkjet transfers. As you can see, it's a very different look.
As a complete novice in the area of printmaking, I would really appreciate some advice about refining this print. I have uploaded a detail shot of this print and am wondering if someone can tell me what I am doing that is causing the patches of ink. Is this a problem with the application of the ink or is the problem in the way I am doing the transfer? (I used a baren). Or perhaps it's something else? Any tips would be gratefully accepted.


  1. Amanda, This process looks quite interesting. I've not tried it myself but have heard of it and can only offer a link to some information that may or may not be of use to you.
    Printfreak (aka, Mandy) is an former classmate of mine with an informative and interesting blog. I hope this helps.

  2. oops... here's a better link to the site:

  3. xerox lithography is amazing! i think yours look incredibly brilliant and inspire me to try different styles than what i usually do!

    This is really stunning i tried to draw over the litho with Copic Markers and it turned out really great. It took me like 921389 times to get it right which almost made me give up! and i know it might look easy but on no it is
    nowhere even close to easy.

    Have you seen richardkeenstudio's work? his work is absolutely stunning! you should check it out if you like this stuff!
    Throughout his career, Richard’s work has been accepted in numerous regional, national and international juried exhibitions. His paintings were included in Greenhut Galleries he is practically my idol!