Saturday, April 28, 2007

First draft: text for my flag book

I am really trying to focus on one work and get something finished so I can feel like I am making some progress. The trouble with being low on energy is that I find myself flitting from one project to the next, doing easy things, trying different techniques instead of concentrating and making real decisions that need to be made.
I am thinking of changing the layout of this flag book. I think the picture below expresses the idea of clouds blowing across a sky, better than the one I originally used (see earlier post). I still hope to use the original image, but maybe on the front or back cover.
Today I also wrote the first draft of the text for this book. I have been putting this off for quite a while, but it came together fairly quickly - I had a really clear idea of what I wanted to communicate, which helps. I really hate didactic art works - I like people to have to work a little and to think about the work. However, I do probably have a tendency to be a bit too oblique, so I would really appreciate some feedback on whether you think this text is working.
Meditation: Lesson 1
Moods change like the weather

Sit cross-legged, eyes closed

Breathe in
And out

Hear: the sound of voices on the air

A car passes
And then silence

Observe: tightness in the chest;
Thought: what is this?

Thought: A memory (The mind plays the scene)
Observe: tightness turns into a dull ache

Thought: That’s so unfair

Hear: the sound of birds chirping
Thought: the baby birds are hungry
Observe: pain disappears;
Observe: I am smiling with my eyes closed

Hear: two-stroke engine splutters to a start

Observe: shoulder muscles tighten
Thought: He does it just to annoy me

Observe: Heart rate quickens

Hear: engine dies.
Hear: “Shit”

Observe: I am smiling with my eyes closed.

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  1. Oh I now know just what you mean about the lack of energy getting in the way and the trail of unfinished, unproductive bits and bobs. Your comment on my last post has encouraged me to write a further piece about this and brought out some interesting comments, so thank you for responding