Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bellebyrd mention

Earlier this week I stumbled across Bellebyrd and Blakbyrd, the Print Australia blogs and its aligned yahoo group, Lyrebyrd. Print Australia have restructured, updating their on-line presence in keeping with the expansion of the internet. They have a fairly broad scope and are not limiting their content to printmaking. They even mentioned me this week....

The following is from Lyrebyrd:
*LYREBYRD* was first founded in 1999 as Print Australia by Josephine Severn and is currently operated in conjunction with the bellebyrd and blakkbyrd artblogs.
*lyrebyrd* * is an Australian based global community which aims to bring together artists separated by distance
* aims to facilitate critical discussion on contemporary issues, practices and events in international art
* provides a venue for the development of opportunities for exchanges, exhibitions, collaborations and curated events
* publishes exhibition announcements and other professional development opportunities for its members
* is named after the Australian lyrebird, like its namesake, it is multi-voiced'.

Invitation:The Print Australia project was commenced in 1999 and has been an outstanding success. It has provided a venue for the promotion of Australian printmaking and has assisted hundreds of artists worldwide in exhbiting their work. At the time of its development it addressed the lack of information and resources available to Australian printmakers and acted as an exemplar of what could be acheived without grant funding, by an individual artist.Its now time for PA to move into its next phase *lyrebyrd*. The objective of the two blogs, *bellebyrd* and *blakkbyrd*, is to introduce Australian art to an international audience, and international art to an Australian audience. The level of engagement is postgraduate. All media are covered, with particular emphasis on current trends. The lyrebyrd mailing list will act in support of the blogs and their forthcoming activities.


  1. Just a quick comment to thank you for pointing me in the direction of the Yahoo inkjet transfer group. It is really inspiring and very helpful with a commission I'm doing at the moment.

    Glad to see your energies are more stable after your big trip recently.

    Take care,

  2. Anonymous2:48 AM

    thanx for the kind words