Sunday, September 17, 2006


This is my first drawing for a new project I'm working on for my MFA. I'm going to make an artists book about the fragility and complexity of the human body. I'm thinking of making a porcelain cover with paper pages. I have just started working on the drawings for the book and am testing out solvent transfers of my drawings to add to the sense of fragility. The drawings are developed from anatomical diagrams which I really love. The model for this one came from an old medical text entitled: Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy, which was first published in 1896.

I decided to start with the "voice box", as it is colloquially known, because this week's theme on Artwords was voice and I haven't had time to create a separate work.

After 10 years of studying Speech and Drama at school, the voice and how it is created is quite familiar to me. Do you know that the vocal cords (labelled here Plica vocalis) are often called the vocal folds? That makes them seem incredibly vulnerable to me, almost as if they were a mistake, or something that might not have developed. Imagine if humans had no voice.

And it seems even more incredible that something which is simply a fold of tissue can create the range of sounds, both in speech and in song, that they do. I never stop being amazed by the human body.

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