Sunday, September 10, 2006

Taking Up Blogging Again

Thanks to Ascenderrisesabove for my first comments! It is amazing how little encouragement can be enough to reinforce human behaviour!

I have been giving blogging quite a lot of thought since I last posted about 5 months ago. I've been trying to discern a direction for the blog. I felt I needed to be saying something that was important enough for people to want to hear and think about. That's quite a responsibility really. And I realize that is falling into an old pattern of mine.

When I was 20 years younger (oops! giving something bad away there!) I was in the habit of trying to second-guess what other people wanted all the time, and then adopting that as my preference too. I guess the theory was that conflict would be avoided and I would be liked. I'm not sure how well it worked, but one thing I do know is that over time my sense of self was hugely eroded and I built up a lot of frustration and anger. I thought this was a bad habit I had managed to curb, and I think that mostly I have, but in putting myself out there in this blog, I was falling into the same old, same old. So...

For now I have decided that I'm not going to choose a particular direction for this blog. It will be a documentation of my thoughts and life, hopefully in a coherent way, so that I might learn something about the process of living my life. There are a number of possible directions I would like to take in life and I think that documenting the process here may be helpful to me. And who knows, it may be helpful to someone else too.

I am keen to re-name the blog, but it's already had one name change (from Art Heals to Always Tired) so I'm holding back, and waiting to see what emerges. Some of what may be seen here over time includes:
my art and some documentation of my art process; how art operates as a healing force for me;
some discussion about art - what inspires me, the role of art in the individual's life and in society;
some teasing out (hopefully) of the old art and craft nexus;
documentation of life with CFS;
exploration of Insight Meditation and buddhism; and along with this no doubt, some of my responses to the complicated world we live in - as a human being, it's impossible not to worry about the state of the environment and our society, and much more. I don't know what Margaret Thatcher meant when she said "there is no society" - it's just a justification to assuage the guilt we feel when we don't respond with compassion to the plight of others. Anyway, I won't mount the soap box in this post!

To finish up this post, I'd like to promote a blog I've been participating in for a month or two called Artwords. It is an online art journal started up by the wonderful artist Susan Tuttle.

Each week, Susan posts challenges to stimulate the many talented artists who send in their responses to the theme. It is my participation in this blog that has helped me to feel that it may be worth re-inventing my own blog. And it is over at Artwords that I first encountered Ascenderrisesabove, mentioned at the beginning of this post, as my motivator-to-action. Her blogs can be found at:

The image I have posted today is an exercise in automatic drawing developed for this week's Artwords challenge, surrealism. Automatic drawing is one of the streams of surrealism that artists like Miro used as a drawing parallel to Freud's "stream of consciousness". It is a wonderfully freeing technique and has contributed to my feeling I can be just as free with this blog. I can really see this image working as a print and hope to test that vision out soon...

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention :-)

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing much more from you.

    Also enjoyed the clayfigure at the bottom!