Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amanda's Amblings#7: A peek at Antrim, NI

We've slowed right down now, and have had quiet days snoozing and watching the "sheep" and "bunny" channels.

I've spent a surprising amount of time leaning on window sills, just breathing in the peace, listening for lambs calling their mothers.

We are hoping that a few days rest will allow us to resume outdoor explorations. The Glens of Antrim await us, but until then I've been photographing the scenery that's right outside the door.

The Crown Pub in Belfast, opposite the Europa, the most bombed hotel in Europe.

Tile-work on the outside of the Crown.

A curiously ungrammatical building (zoom in to read).

Our cottage in Carnlough (with the red door).

Across the road.

Looking out the back door.

And the view from bed....

A closer look.

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  1. Everything looks so lovely and interesting, I wish I were there. Is the weather cool in NI? Then I would wish I were there even more :)