Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Show & Tell: Books

As you can see, we've moved on to the UK now,  but on our last day in Paris we went to an antiquarian book fair at Saint Sulpice. This is held annually, and if you were reading this blog last year, you may remember that we went then too, and bought this beautiful old book.(scroll down a little).

This year I had a specific goal in mind, and I struck gold! Yes, I am now the proud owner of my very own tunnel book. This one is from the 1939 World Fair, and is therefore considerably younger (and cheaper) than the ones I mentioned in my last post. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to own one and I have to thank my dh for searching it out on my behalf. Perhaps it could be the start of a little collection?

This is the front cover.

Looking through the peep-hole.
And again. Look at that "vehicle" on the left! Is it a fore-runner to the segway?

A view from the side.

And to finish off some photos of the books I made in Paris at Atelier du Marais. I promise I will share my experience there in more detail a little later.

Project 1
Blank journal for writing and sketching. Leather cover, marbled end-sheets and prefab book block.

Rolled leather headband.

Project 2

Blank journal for drawing with hand-torn watercolour paper for pages .Linen covers, rolled leather headband.


  1. Oh that tunnel book is beautiful. I'm glowing with envy :)

    Beautiful journals you made too.

    Hope you enjoy the Cambridge workshop this week (Saturday ?) and that the weather cheers up for you whilst you're both still in Blighty x

  2. I covet your little tunnel book!
    Looks like your time was well spent in Paris, your books look simply wonderful.

  3. What a wonderful purchase! Clever DH!
    The books you made are really beautiful, lovely memories of your workshop. Both covers are so lush.
    I think by now you may have done the Cambridge workshop, which I can only imagine would also be marvellous. I love being able to follow this trip, slightly green with envy, but thrilled for you. xox

  4. A lovely trip! And so much of interest for someone with just the right eye. Fortunately for your readers, you have that eye. Thank you, Amanda.

  5. What a wonderful treasure you found there again! Lovely tunnel book. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the tunnel book! And so happy for you to be in London! What wonderful things you made, too. I look forward to even more pics of your projects.

  7. The tunnel book is a jewel, what a wonderful object to have! And I can tell by your books that the workshop was a great success :)

  8. The tunnel book is beautiful. I have seen a lot of them rounbd London lately. You are a lucky girlxx Glad you enjoyed Paris and today, Sunday was a beautiful day her....if you are still in Londonxx It was the first nice day for months. lynda x

  9. nice work Amanda, enjoy London and Oxford!

  10. Beautiful post Amanda! You lucky duck for finding such a wonderful little tunnel book. It's delicious! The book you made in Paris is splendid too. I'm sure you're having a lot of rain in the UK, but I hope despite that, you're having just as wonderful a time there.

  11. mmmmm delishousness! love the tunnel book - but its the marbled end papers in your creations that are taking my eye!

  12. Thanks to you all for your lovely comments. So glad your fancies were tickled!
    It is just great to hear from each and every one of you - my apologies for the slow reply, but internet access here is intermittent at best! xx