Thursday, July 05, 2012

Farewell to old Ireland Forever...

Actually the title is quite inaccurate... The song says England not Ireland, and I'm very hopeful it's not forever.
Still, it is farewell at least. Today we're heading back through London and on to Brighton for 5 days.

We've had a very peaceful time in rural Northern Ireland but being so isolated means no internet AND driving half an hour to reach Ballymena for a decent Tescos, so it was beginning to feel as if all I was doing was preparing the next meal. No short-cuts in the country! Oh yes, I admit I am a soft-city girl. The shame!
We've spent two nights in Belfast, ordering room service for dinner and I'm feeling a bit more rested already.
I took the photo below at breakfast today. It's quite a room, operating as a bar at night, although there's no whisky on offer with your porridge here, like there was at the Europa!

We're hoping Brighton will be a good mix for us - a cosmopolitan, arty place, plus the beach.
We've less than two weeks now till we set off on the flight home. I'm not so much looking forward to returning downunder but I'm definitely keen to see the ones I love. You know who you are!
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  1. Hope you really enjoy your last few weeks over there Amanda. I'm just home after a great trip and happy to be here and looking forward to getting stuck into some work - my brain has been working overtime!

  2. what's this? no whiskey with your porridge? - you're in the wrong part of ireland obviously!!!!!

  3. Helen: glad to hear you've had a lovely and inspiring time too. I'm looking forward to hearing what you saw and discovered.
    Ronnie: I know !! ; (