Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September catch-up

Apologies for ignoring you this past couple of weeks. I wish I could blame it all on Google, but the truth is I’ve had a couple of infections and have been struggling with extreme lethargy!

In an effort to keep my spirits up, any energy was quickly channelled into something creative.

It’s pretty hard to work on anything new requiring inspiration or courage to push the limits, but I have done a bit of “scribbling” as planned.

Below are a few examples which I think may hold some potential.


Ink, graphite.


calligraphic-moon Ink, aquarelle. This one is just a study really, but I like the idea of the ink marks floating over a hazy “moon”.



Ink, aquarelle


While I’ve been enjoying playing with these drawing materials, I’ve found the lack of a fully satisfying finished product was becoming frustrating. I’m doing these drawings primarily in the very first journal I made, the one at the bottom of the picture below, which you can also see here. It’s the very last empty journal I have, so I decided it was time to put some of the papers I’ve collected to use, and to get my binding skills back in practice.

The red journal below is the result. It’s filled with acid free cartridge paper and has a combined Celtic/Coptic binding. The two centre threads in the Celtic weaves pass through the same hole, which was an experiment, but I think it has worked well.


I find it’s a good to combine working on something with a nice concrete outcome (like a journal) while doing something exploratory and with results that are less tangible, so far.


  1. You are doing such beautiful work Amanda! You're an inspiration...I'm sorry you're not feeling 100% but that doesn't seem to be affecting your images. LOVE the blue journal...I'm going to have to learn that binding technique. So pretty!

  2. Ooh! I LOVE the orange-y abstract!
    Hope you're feeling better now, Amanda.

  3. I love the little red journal! such gorgeous stitching! - and I understand that desire to craft something concrete after all the unfamiliar experimental work. More and more often I find myself being drawn to making simple book structures as a way to 'ground' my (at times) very esoteric reading/research/art-making....

  4. Amanda, your journal is lovely, and the Celtic has worked perfectly. I love the colours. Your mark making is interesting, and that first image is my favourite. I hope you feel better soon, good on you for continuing to create while you're not well. XO

  5. alison8:44 AM

    Hello Amanda, I am sorry to read that you have not been well.
    Your markmaking with variuos mediums looks great and I just love your books and the lovely binding.

  6. wonderful images...the ink drawings are beautiful...hope you feel better soon!

  7. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, I hope that you begin to feel better soon.
    Even though your have been under the weather at least you have still been able to create some art. I love the abstract orange piece, and your journal is fabulous!

  8. Oh thank you all for your caring and supportive messages. They really mean a lot to me!
    Working on something creative is so therapeutic for me, I miss it terribly if I can't manage something every day or two. It's part of the reason I've widened what I do from just ceramics, so that hopefully I'd be able to manage a little something no matter how I'm feeling.

  9. Hi Amanda !
    Love your new creations !
    And your book looks so beutiful...
    Hope you soon will be better, and can be able to work with your art !
    Best Liv

  10. Hi Amanda, I'm a bit late to the party so to speak... hope you're feeling better by now but I just wanted to say I agree with you (and Ronnie) about grounding your thinking in making something solid like a sketchbook,and it's lovely!

  11. oops PS just so you know, "rhubarb" = Sara = doubleelephant! All these darned IDs are getting confusing!

  12. Thank-you Liv and Sara, I appreciate your feedback.

    Yes it is lucky there are mostly photos with the comments, as sometimes these online IDs do get confusing!