Thursday, September 16, 2010

Problems with Google

This is just a quick post to let you know that for some weeks now I’ve been having a few problems with Google, and hence blogger.

I’ve just discovered that a number of comments I’ve made when visiting other people’s blogs have not come through – either that or people just don’t like my comments and are blocking me!!

So anyway I just want you to know that if you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit absent, well that is probably why.


  1. Amanda, I had similar problems 3 years ago and I switched to Wordpress.
    However, I still, sometimes, have difficulty commenting on Blogger sites. You may notice that I usually post as "dinahmow" which Blogger will allow.
    Whenever I try to come in as "moreidlethoughts" I am often rejected.
    I have found advantages at Wordpress, should you consider switching, although it probably would take a few hours of precious time to adjust!

  2. There is strange stuff going on. There are several blogs I visit where I always regularly tick the box to be sent further comments and they never come through. When I click on links from the Dashboard to blogs they don't work either

  3. I'm getting your comments Amanda (thanks) but at the moment I know someone left a comment but it hasn't appeared. In spite of the annoyances, like having to sign in every day all of a sudden, I'm still very happy with Blogger. I think they tend to get a bit too clever now and then, and they're nowhere near as annoying as Facebook. If I judge the rest of the world against Facebook then the rest of the world isn't too bad. xx

  4. Blogger does tend to have some minor glitches every once and a while, but I've never had any issues with Google. Do you read blogs via Google Reader? I do, and when I want to comment I visit the blog and leave my comment that way.

    Hope that you are able to sort it out, it's frustrating when glitches occur.

  5. I'm glad you mentioned this. I've been having similar problems with comments not appearing too, but was thinking it was me! I keep fantasizing moving to Wordpress myself, but fear change and the learning curve.