Monday, May 31, 2010

Where to find me: Recent Publishing

I’ve been lucky enough to have my have my work published twice recently. Doug Spowart re-worked his article from Imprint and it was accepted for the online journal, Bonefolder. The article is a review of the Southern Cross University exhibition last year, where my book Like Weather was selected for acquisition. It includes a lovely shot of my book, taken by Doug. It’s fantastic to have my work included in Bonefolder, as it’s part of the US Book Arts Web, and has an international readership.

The extra benefit of the article being in Bonefolder is that you can access it to read for free online, if you didn’t catch it in Imprint.

I’ve also had some of my ceramic work included in the recently published book by Jeffery B. Snyder, Ceramics Today.

ceramics today cover

They accepted five images, including the installation work, Wraith, and my porcelain book, Self (States of Change), which has just been in Mackay at the Libris Awards. Unfortunately I haven’t received my copy of the book yet, so I can’t be positive they all made the final cut, but I’m told it’s on page 240.


Finally, in case you haven’t noticed the widget in the side-bar, I’ve started Twittering.

I’ve thought a lot about whether or not to join in this silent cacophony, and despite initially despising the idea, in the end I decided that Twitter would be a useful tool for me.

I was convinced by the artists stories I read in The Unconventional Guide to Art and Money. It’s for artists who choose to conduct their careers primarily in the context of the internet, rather than going the traditional gallery route. It explains how to pull together all your online content, get your work out there and (for some, at least) make a living. It seems especially well-suited to the shy, the rebellious and the control-freak. And of course, by default, those who are too tired by 6pm to make it to all those openings in order to “network”.

So… I signed on to Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and began sharing stuff I thought might interest people. As well as providing another means of knowing within seconds when a new blog post hits the ether, I have found it’s a nice way to share the best of those links you come across in the course of your day but which don’t really qualify for a blog post.  I’ve mostly been posting links to inspiring art, art events or opportunities, as well as some about zen and de-stressing. If you’re interested in following you can sign up for Twitter here and find me as amandaw_w . Or not. I won’t offended at all.


  1. Congratulations on making it into the Bone Folder. Very prestigious journal and read internationally. Good stuff! Now you've made me reconsider Twitter. My original thought was "Oh, not another thing to keep up with!" but now you've got me thinking...

  2. Thanks Carol. I am very chuffed! Good for Doug too. I know exactly what you mean about Twitter, but in the end, I decided it could work well for me. It's relatively easy to do - and I really don't get my art "out there" as much as I'd like.

  3. Thanks for the updates on your publishing achievements - very exciting! Thanks too for the link to the Unconventional seems to me that we all need to explore and understand better where and how to make these investments in ourselves and our work, and the interweb world offers choice opportunities and overwhelmingness all at once.

  4. great news about bonefolder - well done and all that!

    as for twitter - I decided it wasn't for me (I don't have a mobile phone for one thing! so I never got the hang of txting and can't follow abbreviated msg spk...) but I'll be interested in hearing what you make of it all... may it be GR8 4 U

  5. Congratulations on your recent success with publications, you very much deserve to have your work recognized.
    Twitter....hhmmm I have not felt the urge, however I have never thought of it as an avenue to get my work out there. I'm shy and reserved too, so it I sounds like it may be perfect for folk like us.