Sunday, June 13, 2010

The end of an era

amanda watso-will

I’ve decided to post an excerpt from my journal rather than re-write the content for the blog.

I came to this decision partly because I’ve been a bit unwell, and it saves energy to do it this way, but also because posting the hand-written entry suits the subject matter, I think.

If you click on the page, you should see a larger view, which you will be able to read. It’s unedited, and I’m sure this shows when you read it, but hopefully you’ll be able to overlook its imperfections, and take it for what it is.

amanda watson-will

amanda watson-will

When I visited the house during the week I was amazed to see buds on the plum tree in the backyard already!

A reassuring symbol of a new start.


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I wonder, how many other people feel this way when the time comes to sell?
    Houses are never just houses, are they?

  2. Amanda, I know just how you feel. My parents' house is on the market right now, and while it is not my favourite style of house, it still has many good memories, and I am feeling a bit sad about it going. My son and daughter have done a lot of remedial work on it and it looks wonderful, and I know it will be a lovely family home for someone in the near future. You and I need to take life gently for a while ... XO

  3. i understand too. we sold my husband's family home last year- after his father passed away. it is a very difficult thing to do no matter what you think of the actual bricks and mortar - a home is so much more. take care.

  4. I am sorry to read that you are unwell, - get better soon!

    I guess it will be strange to see new people sitting in the garden, or decorate the house in a unfamiliar way. At least that is what I feel, when I pass by my grandparent's former house, and see strangers on the roof or in the garden. But I am grateful that despite earlier plans to tear it down, it is still standing.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the house, that it may be filled again with new life!

  5. Yes, very hard to let the parental home go. My mother was still alive when it happened when she moved to a much smaller flat after my father had passed. That was hard -- watching 40 years of memories disappear. My partner's parents' home was lovely --18th century and full of character: bought and demolished for a slick new house.

    Hope the latter doesn't happen to your parents' house. Houses are never just houses. They hold all the memories in their walls and if your home was happy that will pass on to the new owners. Hope they can pick up those vibes and make something new, nurturing and vibrant.

    You're very brave to publish journal without editing. Hope your helath improves soemwhat after sucha difficult journey (*)