Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Inkjet and mixed media tests: Part 1

Kingscliff transfer on perspex by Amanda Watson-Will For the past two weeks I have been working with the photos from my earlier post, Cycles. plus one other of the sea. These two images will be presented together as the first opening in the artists book, Cycles. I don't want to present them simply as inkjet reproductions of the photos because other images in the book will definitely include collages and mixed media.

Initially I experimented with a variety of different transfers onto different media including perspex (see left), Japanese kozo, mulberry and watercolour paper using Sheer Heaven transfers, Talbot and Pettit's methods of inkjet transfer and beeswax collage. I am not going to upload photos of everything here as some were dismal failures, but here are a couple.
Kingscliff transfer on kozo by Amanda Watson-Will

On the left is a Pettit method transfer using sandwich paper onto natural Kozo paper. As you can see none of the yellow pigment has transfered, but I do like the textural effects. The lack of yellow lead me to try using this yellow mulberry paper with inclusions (below). I like the translucency of this but its just too yellow.Kingscliff transfer on mulberry by Amanda Watson-Will

Initially I had the idea of making this book on perspex to accentuate the translucency of transfers. To do the transfer I used Jonathon Talbot's method and it worked well, except I just don't really like the look. This was the first transfer I tried with this photo and as I get used to the look it doesn't seem so bad, but I have decided to make the aesthetic of this book a lot more natural, in keeping with the theme of cycles in nature.
Coming up: my first experiments with Inkaid.

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  1. Dear Amanda, I'm really pleased to have found your blog. I'm an artist, have CFS/M.E. and, a long time ago I used to be an OT with people with learning disabilities.

    What I'm really interested in is your art and the way you continue to forge ahead despite the CFS. Its something I find really hard to do and fit around all the other things taht have to be done with two young-ish children. I started an online Web Design course but just couldnt fit it around energy levels and day to day stuff

    I loved printmaking at college so it's particluarly interesting to kno wthe online course you have mentioned and I love your most recent work on the inkjet.

    In some ways your work (the self portraits especially) reminds me of the work of the photographer JO Spence. She died back in the '80s but made some truly remarkable work with her partner Terry and her friend Rosy Martin. You might like to take a look at her stuff and see what you think.

    Take care