Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cycles: an artist book - wip

I've spent hours on Photoshop today working on different options for this image. It will be the basis for one page of an artist book I plan to make for my masters. The working title for the book is Cycles and it will explore the cyclical nature of all life - continuing the theme of process/change. I'll probably do an inkjet transfer with the image or maybe incorporate it in encaustic. Those explorations are the next step. Once I decide for one page, then that will set the media for the book. I have chosen a flutter book format because I want the whole thing to be visible at once but also create a circle. There is a bit more work to do in PS - I'll be removing the powerlines, but otherwise I am reasonably happy with these two options. Let me know if you have a preference.
Just a short post today because I'm typing one-handed - the other one is supporting the head of my sleeping cat!

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  1. fun to visit and see your work with photoshop. I really like the piece called "memory" below too.