Friday, March 16, 2007

Flag Book - maquette

maquette of flag book by Amanda Watson-Will
This is a rough maquette of a flag book I plan to make as part of my masters. The white concertina spine will be blue sky in the finished book, and there will be imagery on the front and back outside covers as well. The next stage is to write the text, which will be on the back of the flags.

The concept for this book is based on the idea from Buddhist meditation that thoughts, feelings, sensations are constantly changing, drifting across the mind like clouds in a sky. To cling on to our states of mind is as futile as expecting the weather to be constant.

From what I have read, it is typical to make a mock-up or maquette of an artists book to help ensure that things like size and materials are consistent with the artists meaning. After constructing the middle section I realized that it would add to the meaning if the flags were attached to "sky". I also discovered my flags are too far apart for my liking.

I would really love to make this book in a large size (A3 or A2) to fit with the idea of an expanse of sky. That would mean having it professionally printed and to achieve the quality I want, I might have to apply for a grant to fund printing. I spoke to a printer yesterday about offset printing and they said they did not know anyone who would do such a small run - so that means I would have to send it interstate. Hhmm!


  1. I love this idea --- it looks beautiful as it is so I'm sure it'll look even better scaled up.

    I've always loved prayer flags too

  2. Hi Amanda - I think this is the second time I have commented on your blog?

    Anyway I have come on here to ask you about your shellac dipped in wax technique that you showed an image of, on Flickr?
    I tried it BUT I wonder did you use a particular type of shellac? i.e., was it tinted or a particular make/brand? Mine just looks kind of transparent ( although coloured brownish in the bottle) perhaps you put several layers of shellac before you dipped it in the wax?

    Please do respond......

    ABOUT your BOOKART project.

    Although your book is in an accordian ( or Leperillo) format - do you know of Hahnemuhles digital fine art albums which come in A4 and A3 landscape format. Although they are for conventional flip through stitch books. You can open them up for putting through your inkjet printer (print both sides of the paper) . I was thinking that maybe you could adapt the pages and make paper 'hinge' joins between the pages. Thought it might go someway towards that professional finish you are looking towards. Hope this is of some help.

    hope to hear from you soon and enjoy reading through your explorations