Friday, October 13, 2006

Topic #23 - Brown (Follow Your Dreams)

My entry is a photo I took when I was living in an old terrace house in Melbourne. In mid-2003 I moved from my home of 40 years (Brisbane) for the adventure I had dreamed of since I left school - living in another city. The city of my aspirations has changed over the years, but I've always wanted to embed myself in a place with a different culture in a way that can't happen by simply taking a holiday. It may not sound like too big a change but believe me there is a big difference: Brisbane is a tropic city of roughly 1 million, and the culture is built around the sunshine - which is a nice way of saying there's lots of sport and not much art or music! Melbourne on the other hand is three times the size, famous for experiencing "four seasons in one day", home of the MCG but ALSO home to a thriving artistic community.

When my husband and I first moved to Melbourne we rented this gorgeous terrace.

It was built in the late 1800s to house railway employees working onconstructing the railway line at the end ofthe street. My entry is a photo taken in the afternoon in the room at the front (shown above). The glass in the windows was original, and not quite clear. You could see out and not really notice anything unusual, but when light shone through it, it created this wonderful reflection.

Anyway, my reason for giving this photo the title "Follow Your Dreams" is that I am so glad I finally managed to live in another city. Despite the fact that neither my husband nor I are able to work due to our cfs, we still decided it was worth spending most of our savings to pursue this dream. We felt that we had been sick for nearly 13 years (at that time) and we had put our life on hold in so many areas for so long - it was time to take back some control.

We are now back in Brisbane and since we returned I have lost my father and my energy has diminished even further, but the memories of the great times we had in Melbourne really help. But more important than that is the knowledge that I can still dream.

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