Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little international news

This post is a sort of "catch-up" to allow me to share news of what's been happening lately and what is coming up.

The first news I have is really exciting as "Judy and the Jacaranda" has been selected for exhibition at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, USA. The exhibition is entitled Transparent/Opaque, so "Judy" is a perfect fit. I'm very pleased about this as it is my first international exhibition and represents an important step in my career.

In case anyone is new here, you can take a look through "Judy" page-by-page on YouTube.

The second thing to share is that in a little over a month I will be heading overseas for 10 lovely weeks. I'll be returning to Paris for 4 weeks, in particular to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. After that, we'll head to Northern Ireland (where my best boy comes from) for a month. On the way over from France, we'll be diverting to Cambridge (England) for the third exciting piece of news.

I'll be attending a workshop with the super-talented Mia Leijonstedt. If you aren't familiar with Mia's work I recommend that you hop over to her website and check out the gallery.

I've been an admirer of Mia's work for several years now, and had dreamed of stopping off in Dubai one day to take a workshop with her while she was living there. Now she is offering this one in Cambridge a few days after we check out of our apartment in Paris, so it seems it is meant to be.

The last thing I'd like to share in this blog post is a couple of photos of two new books I have bought in the last couple of weeks.

The top one is by Daniel Essig, someone else who I find to be hugely inspiring. Next is a miniature book of maps by Joy Serwylo on Etsy. And finally, the two together.

P.S Please excuse the whacky formatting. I'm in Sydney posting from my iPad. This afternoon: off to see Monica Oppen and her wonderful collection of artist's books.

P.P.S In desperation, this post was re-formatted using BlogPress on my iPad on April 1st (and no, it's not a joke!)


  1. yes ipad/iphone certainly can put the "WHACK" in whacky!

    congrats on the 'judy' news and on your upcoming journeys..... I hope you'll get to post a few 'whacky' bits on your trip

  2. Ah! The maps...I wondered which one you'd bought.I'm teetering on the recipes!
    Happy traveling, Amanda.

  3. Oh Amanda, what an exciting post! Congratulations - your book is so gorgeous, it's wonderful that it will get an international airing. Your trip will be amazing anyway and the addition of the workshop will make it so special.
    Lovely to have a Dan Essig book (very much one of my favourites) and the miniature map book looks like a blizzard book but with a very nice cover. You're gathering together a very interesting collection of books.

  4. Wonderful and wonderful! So happy for you. I'm not surprised Judy got accepted into the show (congrats!)--it's well deserved. And your upcoming travels sound fabulous! I wish you much stamina and strength to enjoy every possible moment. I look forward to hearing all about it all as it unfolds!

  5. Congrats Amanda on your lovely book going to the US - fantastic!
    It's great when things all come together on a trip like that and a workshop you've wanted to do just slots in - it all sounds wonderful.

  6. Well done Amanda! Funnily enough I was checking out that Cambridge workshop myself, but with a sort of sigh... Of course I thoroughly disapprove of Cambridge since I went to Oxford, but it would be nice to go there again for such a reason! Can't believe it's only a month until you go. Sara x

  7. Congrats on your beautiful is so beautifull..wish l could see it for real! Paris is one of my favorite places to will love it. I used to live many years ago, in Dubia but l suppose Cambridge is a second best!Ha..enjoy. .I often go there as l live in LondonI would have loved to do the course too but have so much on this year......Also congrats on your 25th W?Anniversary.x Lynda

  8. Congratulations Amanada - and I hope you have a fabulous trip. Its wonderful when life can bring visits and workshops together -splendid!