Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where to next?



I want to thank everybody who commented on my last post and shared their thoughts on blogging.

I thought it was really interesting to see how many people started off on a particular path and how their blog had evolved and changed course over time. It highlights one of the major features of blogging – the flexibility inherent in it, and the freedom we can therefore allow ourselves.

Those of you who did make a comment last time, you may be surprised (or not!?) to hear that I made notes from your replies and drew up a list of reasons for blogging.

I would say the most popular reason was the “conversation” or personal connections that participating in the blog-o-sphere allows us to make. This is certainly the main benefit for me, and it is one that I hadn’t predicted before I started blogging. It’s an ideal solution in that it allows artists, who are often introverts, to converse about art and overcome “studio isolation”.

A lot of other reasons described by you coincided with my own, in particular using the blog as a way to share work because I’m not comfortable with more traditional modes of marketing.

skies the limit

Some of your comments have started me thinking. For example, Fiona remarked how the blog allows her to speak in the 1st person, where she sees her website as more formal and a showcase for her finished work. Also, a number of you talked about using the blog to show works-in-progress or as a studio workbook/notebook. And Ronnie (as usual!) threw out the challenge with her comment about her decision to offer work on her blog under the freer copyright of creative commons.

So where does this leave me and this blog? Well, I’m not sure, but certainly still here.

I have started work on a website, and I feel that once that is up and providing a professional window on my work, I will probably feel more free to be creative here, to have some fun and allow this blog to be a little more organic and responsive to daily life. While this space is my sole professional face online, it does need to meet certain criteria (or I so I’ve thought). That said, I suspect any changes here will mostly be along the lines of a gentle pulling into shape, rather than any significant surgeries!



More soon!

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  1. Amanda, I was having trouble commenting on the previous post. (In the end, I cursed Blogger and gave up, meaning to email my thoughts...that didn't happen!)

    But I suppose I am like all the others - blogging is a pretty informal communication with like-minded people. And, most definitely, for those of us who connect and share work via a blog, it's a wonderful tool, particularly for those of us who suffer the "tyranny of distance."

    Whatever choice you make, I do hope we'll still hear from you. Just don't burn yourself out!