Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative for a Second…or Two

Just under two weeks ago a parcel arrived containing Journal #5, one of the journals travelling the world as part of Creative for a Second.
If you haven’t heard, this is the second time this project, which is for people with CFS/ME (PWCFS/ME) has run. If you follow the link above you can look through the first edition which was published through the print-on-demand service issuu.
And below is a video of Kirrliy Anderson who initiated the whole project. She is speaking at the launch of the tour which the first project made.

To keep the project rolling along, once the journal is in your hands you can only keep it for two weeks. In order to work quickly and also because I wanted to make something that was “recognisable” as my work, I decided to dig into what I call my “collage box”.  This is where I keep test prints from previous works, a stash of Japanese papers and a few very select pieces of ephemera I’ve collected.
I began by physically putting different imagery together and when I had made a selection, I moved onto the computer which allowed me to work with the same imagery but to alter the scale and translucency.
I was aiming to make work that spoke about the experience of living with CFS, without being blatant and in a way which incorporated both the loss and grief, as well as the hope and potential. Below are the results.


I really enjoyed this process and found that there is a lot more work to be done with the imagery that I’ve developed in the past. It was very satisfying to bring together some of the work I did for my masters with more recent work. It also seems that this is a productive and effective way to work when I am quite low on energy.
There’s quite a lot that I could say about the imagery, connections that I can see and interpretations that could be made, but I think I’ll let the work speak for itself.


  1. I like the idea of your collage box... I'm going to copy that, if I may! I like your images too - interesting to see the visual links between them and your BAO book. Sara x

  2. Amanda, the work does speak for itself. Really beautiful images, very evocative of 'you'. The video was so interesting, and the exhibition gives an insight into what can be achieved by courage and perseverence.

  3. So exciting when your journal arrives isn't it ? :O)

    Beautiful images and interesting that you've gone over past ground to make new work...sort of reflection and emanation of the journey.

    I call mine my 'rummage box'

    Hope you're feeling a little brighter

  4. Hi Sara - yes of course use the collage box idea. I think it has so much potential. It was quite exciting to see the way my work over quite a number of years could come together.
    Carol - yes I think the first "run" of this was an incredible boost for a lot of people, even those who didn't take part, like myself. Kirrily does a fantastic job.
    Cusp - yes it's REALLY exciting! I saw on Facebook that the one you contributed to has finished its travels now. There's a video of it on Facebook. I'll post the link but I'm not sure if it's available for public viewing. If not, I know it will be elsewhere eventually.

  5. Yes I've seen the video. Its great. We have so much to thank Kirrily for. She's done/doing a tremendous job, bless her.

    Can I friend you on FB ?

  6. Beautiful contribution Amanda. To me it symbolizes an emptiness of loss but the imagery is also full of hope, like the barren tree is awaiting a new season to come alive again.

  7. Thanks azirca - that's exactly what I was aiming for!

  8. so interesting to read about how they were made after seeing them first on the 'for a second or two' f/b page. and still absolutely loving them...the greens and blues make me think so much of new life/hope/health.

  9. What an interesting project! And how good to have a collage-box ready to dive in and choose. I recognise bits of it, like the cracked body-image from your self-portrait. All beautifully put together.