Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Portrait of a Studio

On Sunday I went to see “Self Portrait”, the Studio West End group show that I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

In 1998 artists Adele Outteridge and Wim de Vos established Studio West End, from where they offer various workshops ranging through book arts, printmaking, painting and mixed media.

Wim has developed extensive skills working with perspex and the material has become somewhat of a signature material for both him and the studio. Adele and Wim create such a welcoming environment and have so much to offer, that many of those who come to study choose to stay and develop a lengthy relationship with the studio, and with Adele and Wim.

The works in the show demonstrated the wide and varied range of skills and talent nurtured at the studio. There were 25 artists represented and the photos posted here are simply the ones that appealed to me personally.

Studio West End recently launched a website, which you can find here. Wim told me that they will be documenting the show in full on the site soon. In the mean time, the gallery on the site has works by Adele and Wim, plus a number of photos of cute cats!!

Adele Outteridge

Above: Adele Outteridge


Bronwyn Estaban

Above: Bronwyn Estaban

Fiona Medhurst

Above: Fiona Medhurst

Graham Bligh double

Above: Graham Bligh

Philomena Drake

Above: Philomena Drake

Sharon Smith

Above: Sharon Smith

Sheryl Whimp

Above: Sheryl Whimp


  1. oooo lovely pics amanda! I love the idea of working with perspex but I really don't have the confidence (or budget!)to try it (and as you say it IS such a signature material of adele and wim.....) and my gf - helen malone - uses perspex brilliantly...

  2. Thanks for this look at the West End exhibition, Amanda. Such a temptation to book in for another week's workshop with Del & Wim...

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Oh! Thanks for this, Amanda. Lovely to see familiar names (hello, DaD folk!)here.
    Oh, carol! Stop waving that carrot of temptation...