Monday, August 02, 2010

The August Break


 Even though it’s winter here, I’ve decided to join Susannah Conway on “August Break”. From her blog:

“The plan for the August break: you simply share one photo per day on your blog – Monday to Friday, or every day. Or whenever you want.”

It looks like a lot of fun, no pressure, and a lovely way to see some interesting and beautiful photos. Perhaps you’d like to join in too? There’s 300-odd of us taking part.

I’ve decided to go for the Mon to Fri option, and although for Susannah it’s a way to take a break from regular blog post writing, that’s not how I am planning to use it.

Having been away for a couple of weeks I’ve seen lots of art and I’m keen to share my thoughts about it with you, so I plan to still write at least weekly. But I have also taken lots of photos, so the plan is to post one each day Monday to Friday.

Sometimes the photo may be a reflection of the day I’ve just had (like today’s) but my goal in joining The August Break, is simply to devote a month to photography, and see what happens. So, here it is -

coming home a.watson-will

Day 1: Coming Home


  1. august break piccie posting sounds like fun - but so too does the possibility of arty stories - looking forward to hearing your tales

  2. I look forward to your photos but also to reading your thoughts on art you've seen and enjoyed (or not, perhaps?). Hope your holiday in Sydney was exciting and refreshing. xx

  3. Thanks Ronnie & Carol! The holiday was so inspiring! I'm on a bit of a high at the moment.

  4. fantastic idea - and the cloud photo is just beautiful.