Sunday, April 18, 2010

200th Post Celebrations

The random list generator has done its work, and the three lucky winners are: Dinahmow, Abigail Thomas and Buechertiger.

Congratulations to Diane, Abigail and Hilke! Could you drop me an email and let me have your address so  I can send you your gift? I also want to say a big thank-you to everyone who commented. It's been fascinating  to hear what has interested you most.

Each of the winners will be receiving one of my original prints. I haven't posted them on here yet as I was purposely keeping them a surprise for the winners. Once you have all received your print I will share them online. I will say that these are the prints that I was planning to enter in Impressions 5, the annual Impress Printmakers Show. I eventually decided that my time was a bit pressured, so I gave that show a miss, because I had other priorities at the moment. Hopefully I'll take part in future Impress Shows.

The other good news I have is that all the printing has been completed for my edition of  "Judy and the Jacaranda", my book inspired by Learning Absences. Hurray! I still have to trim the pages and then bind them, but I am so looking forward to this stage. I bound the first copy on Friday, and the strong association with the loss of my mother last year has made this an emotional step for me.

This afternoon I will be photographing the book as I am submitting it for consideration for the Tallis 2010 National Works on Paper Award. It was lucky that the theme this year is portraiture, which the book also suits. I don't know what chance the book has, but I will be very honoured if it is selected to participate.

Although I didn't have work in Impressions 5, I did get along to the show. It was great to see the work of the members, and there were many lovely prints to be seen, but when I walked in the door, I saw one and I knew straight away that I would be taking it home with me! Queensland printmaker Glen Skein, now living in Brisbane, is a member of Impress and he had one of his ""red boat" etchings in the show. I saw his solo show at Redlands Art Gallery late last year, and sat for ages viewing his 3 metre "red boat", trying to work out some way to fit such a magnificent work into my small unit! So when I discovered this smaller member of the series, I didn't need to think twice. I'll say good-bye for now with a snap of the etching on the wall in my studio. Please excuse the magnets holding it in place until I take it to the framers. The photo does the print no justice, but I hope you enjoy this peek anyway.

Glen Skein, red boat (small)


  1. Oh! I'm a winner! Thankyou, Amanda.

    And I know what you mean about Glen's "boats." I think it's his inky-blues that draw me; any colour overlay is so punchy on that blue. (Not even certain punchy is a proper word!)

  2. congrats on post number 200 - AND on finishing (almost) the BOA project (can't wait) AND on you new acquisition (yum! gorgeous print).... in fact it was quite a hoot to see your pic of this with the magnets to the top - I just spent most of the morning trying to find (via google)these magnet-type-holder-upper-type thingys..... I tried every possible mutation of 'magnet-type-thingy' that I could think of.... then finally found 'magnart' ..... now if only I'd thought of asking you print type people first I would have saved myself a lot of angst!

  3. Amazing! I wasn't expecting that! I will email you my details. I'm so excited! I've loved your work from the start and it is a thrill to know I will be owning a piece of yours.

    And that print you bought of the boat looks fantastic despite the fact I know the photo doesn't do it justice.

  4. Oh, I am a winner! Thank you! :-)

    Congrats on your 200th post, and on finishing your current project. Good luck for the National Works on Paper Award!