Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to Book Arts Classes...

At last a little bit of structure to my year...I have enrolled in a weekly class in Book Arts at West End Studio with one of the luminaries of the book arts in Queensland, Adele Outteridge. She runs the studio with Wim de Vos, another great book artist and they regularly offer classes in book arts, printmaking and mixed media.

I first heard of these classes in 2007 from a friend who was going. She recommended them and says that once you know the basics, there is freedom to pursue your own projects with Adele and Wim to facilitate. With my masters to finish, I had to be patient, but now I am really looking forward to receiving some instruction in binding and construction techniques.

A couple of years ago, I attended a one day workshop on artists books which was run at Impress Printmakers Studio, and everything else I have done has been self-taught. While it sounds impressive to call yourself an "autodidact" (what a great word, hey?) it is a slow process, involving a lot of trial and error, and false starts, at least it is for someone like me, who can never stand to just do what the book says - I always have something a little different in mind!

I'm hopeful that Adele and Wim will be a great "fit" for me, as their work is often very sculptural, and I have had a long time dream of learning more about printmaking too, which we touched on during my ceramics course. A lot of printmaking techniques can be adapted for use with clay by using plaster for your plate and underglazes or slips for ink.

So you can see what I mean about the sculptural aspect of Adele and Wim's books, I've uploaded some images of their work.

Adele Outteridge

Wim de Vos

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  1. Wow! This is really great and i have seen this kind of art first time in my life.The self taught thing always work because you know about each thing that you have made