Monday, August 04, 2008

Three Porcelain Pages...

....sitting in the sun

Some of the pages awaiting decals. These are for the concertina book (not the flag book obviously)*. They've been fired, polished, and then re-fired to 1280 deg C and are now translucent, as you can see. The decals should arrive later this week, so by this time next week I hope to have fired them.

* Sorry if I'm confusing you with mixing posts on the two books, the flag book and the concertina book. I am working on them in tandem because there are periods when I have to wait while things are drying. It makes sense it have two projects on the go at once to improve efficiency.


  1. Those pages are just beautiful - I had no idea they'd be translucent. It's all such a mystery to me that I'm constantly expecting you to amaze and delight me, and you do.

  2. Oh thanks Carol! I'm glad you're enjoying it - I am too!