Thursday, May 01, 2008


While I am traveling I will try to keep in touch by posting photos and some commentary here. In the spirit of this being a blog about art, I’ll try to avoid straight holiday snaps, and keep to either: pictures of art, potential sources of future inspiration for work, or photos I have worked on in PS.

Unfortunately I think my photography skills are still pretty basic, but hopefully they might improve having this two month period to work on them. I can usually manage to make photos usable for inclusion in a mixed media art work, but they really aren’t of a standard where they can stand alone yet.

If you are interested in seeing some more photos of the trip, more in the line of snaps, I will be posting them on my Flickr page.

Although I am in St Davids in the far south-west of Wales, today I will post a couple of photos of our first stop in the UK in London (Twickenham). This was really just a “recovery” stop, but the Thames was across the road, and the park across from us was just lovely. I’ve hurriedly put together a 360 deg panorama I took while standing in the park. It’s pretty rough, and needs more work, but it’ll give you the idea.

This is a view of the local boys’ school, taken from the same park. You can see that even though it is the end of April, and lots of bulbs and fruit trees are flowering, there are still some trees without their new spring growth.

I hope to have some photos of Wales to post soon. I experimented with using “camera raw”, and am having a bit of a time working out how to open the files! Raw files, for those who don’t know, is apparently a better format to use unless you are an expert and can be sure of always getting the exposure etc absolutely correct. There is more capability to modify the file without losing information. Raw files are smaller than uncompressed tiffs, and have much more information than jpgs. I made the mistake of thinking that all I needed to do was to change the setting on my camera to “raw” and start shooting….silly me! Anyway, I’ll share what I learn, once I can get it all to work.


  1. Your 360 pic is pretty good and I'd love to see it when you've tweaked it, just for the comparison. Beautiful scenery - is it as cold as it looks? Just getting cold here, esp. at night but the days are so bright, and still warm. To be in Wales for late spring, early summer sounds magical - have a great time and take lots of photos.

  2. I think you're following me
    [ ;0) ] First you mention Mumbles where I used to go as a child and now you've been to Twickenham where my father worked at a London University college for 20 years and I used to visit.

    Hope you're having a lovely time and that you appreciate the fact that we've arranged sunshine for you which (as you know) is a rare commodity round these parts