Sunday, April 27, 2008

Studio Update

The last month before I left Australia was just mad as we tried to get organized for the trip and I also attempted to finish off my next artists book. I did not manage to make that much progress with the book, but I have at least made the porcelain pages. After I saw the test tiles, I decided to use the Imperial Porcelain . I prefer the slightly off-white colour of the clay for these particular images and the translucency is excellent.

I’ve also decided to fire the decals quite high (1100deg C) as the sepia colouring at this temperature is closer to my original digital images. I took a quick shot of some of them for you to see. It was so good to be working with clay again – I felt productive and competent, although it certainly is more physically demanding than some other work I do.


  1. Your pages look beautiful. Did you find a way to join them, in the end? (Or for when you get to that point of course.) I enjoyed your post about Japan and the pottery, how wonderful to see the ones you had studied. I'm sure your trip will continue to be great - stay well.

  2. Glad you're having a good and productive trip so far. Hope you enjoy UK.

    If you do make it to East Anglia, Edmund de Waal has ashow at Kettles Yard in Cambridge: one of my favourite venues and the Terracotta Army is at the British Musuem in London

    Have fun

  3. Hi Carol, Thanks for your comments - it's lovely to stay in touch while I'm away. I have a couple of ideas for joining the pages - one using a variant of a stitch whose name I've forgotten(!) and the other using fabric glued onto the clay. Not sure yet which way I'll go.
    Yes I've loved the Jomon pots ever since I saw them so it was a real thrill to see them.
    Hope you are well?

    Cusp - thanks for the info about Edmund de Waal and the terracotta army, I'd love to see both, but don't know if I'll make it to Cambridge this trip.
    Managed to fall over in Mumbles yesterday. Sprained my ankle and banged my knee nastily - it's stopping me from doing much walking at the moment, which is a bit sad as we are in Tenby and there's a gorgeous old medieval wall which it would be good to walk around. Still it's making me rest up which might be a good thing. Take care!

  4. Oh Mumbles --- lovely ! Used to go there when we visited my Welsh cousins. Sorry about the fall. You need a good Welsh breakfast and some bara brith to build you up ;-))