Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Anatomy of an Installation

When I go into the gallery next week, the first step will be to put up the projection and make sure it is "located" as I want within the space. Once that is done I can work out exactly where on the wall the clay figure is to go.

The next step is to transfer these anatomical drawings onto the wall. I am printing them out on Canon Glossy photo paper and will use white gesso as the transfer medium. Then I will leave them to dry, probably over night - both to be sure it's all secure on the wall and secondly to break up the process and try to preserve my energy.

Here are two of the drawings as they are, ready to be printed out. They were originally hand-drawn for the first exhibition of this work here in Brisbane, but I have been re-working them using the graphics tablet over the past week.


  1. I especially like the drawing of the lungs - they will both look stunning on the wall. All the best with the installation. Take it gently so that you can enjoy the process. Carol

  2. Amanda, I know you don't have time right now but can I tag you and you can respond (or not) whenever you feel like it? The info will be on my blog. Carol

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I will be looking forward to seeing a photograph of the installation. Wish I could see it in person. Great drawings.

  4. The sketches are really intricate, what a lot of work. I wish you all the very best for this Amanda, hope that it goes well for you.

  5. I just found your blog from the Print Australia group post. Wow, it all looks so good. How exciting. Hope it is going well. I've linked to you from my blog. I'll be back to see how it all goes. Unfortunately no hope of getting to see the exhibition. All the best.