Sunday, May 06, 2007


Work in progress
Kozo, transfer, wax
28cm x 25cm x 2.5cm
This is a photo of the full sized version of this self portrait embedded in beeswax. Earlier incarnations can be seen in this post. I think this is finished now, although it will be presented either in a box or a box-type frame, but I need to make the other portrait that is part of the work before I can make a decision about that.

Making the second portrait will involve getting my hands into some clay and after all this time, I am really looking forward to that. I do enjoy the 2D work, but I really love getting stuck into "forming" something.
I have to admit that this portrait in wax seems to be a very accurate depiction of how I've felt this past few weeks. My health has been quite poor and my energy very low. I've had one day in the last seven where I was able to work and I managed to finish this piece which I started a more than a week earlier. I've paid for that day ever since to the extent that relatively small tasks, like bringing the washing leave me feeling shaky.
I often experience the same or similar recurring dreams. I must not be very good at taking the hints my subconscious is trying to give me. One involves needing to move house or move out of my studio at uni and having left all the packing to the last day. There is a massive amount to do and I am stuck moving in slow motion, as if the whole house is filled with treacle. It feels as if I dream this scenario over and over, all night long. In reality, I have no idea how long I actually spend dreaming, but I often wake exhausted, as if I actually have spent the whole night packing!
I find it interesting that despite the original concept for this work being quite different, I have managed to simultaneously create something so expressive of my subconscious feelings.

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