Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year Reflections ....and Rest

Brisbane River, under the Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge

I'm taking a little time to reflect on 2012, rest up, and prioritize and plan for 2013.

I am loving reading everyone else's great plans - the blogosphere feels so full of energy at the moment. Your posts are a delight, but I'm finding it hard to reach out and comment just at the moment. I hope you'll understand.

Smoky Brisbane CBD today

Here, the sun's rays are pounding down on what's left of dry, brown grass and there are a few fires in bush outside the city.  The scorching temperatures they've had in the south of the country haven't reached us yet, but it still feels like a time to pause, gather energy/resources and think.

I'm hoping to be back blogging soon!


  1. Take your time, Amanda. Most of us in this heat are doing likewise!

    1. Yes, it's entirely different here, in this heat, to the new year experience in the northern hemisphere, isn't it Di? I think the blogosphere has made me so much more aware of that fact.

    2. I'll say--I've been following the news of your heat and fires as I sit here in the different universe of space heaters and occasional sleet outside. It's strange to contemplate your style of New Year's from the perspective of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

      I do hope you have a wonderful '13, and that the worst of the heat and bad stuff stays away from you both! (And as for commenting, I've been in a similar frame of being too. It happens...)

  2. Bonjour Amanda,
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    1. Bonjour Jean-Louis,
      Enchantée de faire votre connaissance. Malheuresement, je ne connais presque rien de Fauconnet. Il y a un petit paragraphe à lire sur l'artiste dans le livre Typoésie par Jérôme Peignot. Peut-être Peignot a écrit d'autre chose sur Fauconnet, mais je ne sais pas.
      Mon mari a cherché aussi avec Google et Il n'a trouvé rien d'autre. Bon chance!