Friday, November 23, 2012

To week-end or not

It's been head down, tail up for me these past weeks. As you know I've been working on a wedding album for a friend in small chunks of time, almost every day.

The end is close now but I've noticed how slogging away at something with a deadline really drains a lot of the pleasure from tasks I would normally enjoy.

Annoyingly I have set myself up to finish this year (and probably start the next too) with a number of things like this, projects with deadlines.

Of course, the truth is that all of these are self-imposed and only half are things where I have actually made a commitment. It may be that I will be forced by time and energy to drop the others. In the mean time, I want to relax a little about them, so I can enjoy them more.

Just this past couple of weeks I have been having a week-end, and it feels so good! As I am free to organize my own schedule, and low energy times have no respect for the day of the week, I have not really bothered with week-ends as such for a long time, maybe even years. I would spend Saturday and Sunday as any other day, working in my studio if I was able, and rarely actually nominating any day as "off-duty".

Taking week-ends, I found some time to potter with my garden, tiny as it is. I have planted some seeds of Australian Indigo, my first plant specifically for dyeing.

Nothing to see yet, but hopefully in a couple more weeks! If you'd like to see what we're waiting for, go here.

I found that even when I just do the things that people with 9-5 jobs have to do on their week-ends, like catching up around the house, it feels a lot more relaxing than cramming things in while thinking "I just want to get into the studio."

So I'm wondering, do you have a "proper" week-end? Or do you treat everyday the same? How does this work for you? Do you find it's easy to get/take enough time to relax?


  1. I bought some indigo seeds (both the traditional and australian varieties)with the view to plant them..... but weekends and weekdays have been totally swallowed up so far and they haven't been planted --- I'll have to watch how you go with yours!

  2. Not only do I follow my own weekend/weekday schedule - meaning I do what I want when I want (and have energy) I also keep my own day/night schedule and don't complain about insomnia any more. If I'm awake at 3a.m. and full of energy then I go to my studio (in house) and work away until I'm's very relaxing getting to live this way. If I had a nine to five job the insomnia at night would drive me crazy because I'd be thinking about how tired I would be the next day and how I must get to sleep...

  3. No weekend schedule here either. I work when I'm inspired and grumble when I'm not, no matter what the day of the week is. I have always been on very bad terms with schedules and I had a hard time when I ran the Exhibition Hall. Having to work on set hours makes no sense to my stubborn head.

  4. No longer "working", as in 9-5, I can be fairly flexible. But, and it's a big but...I often need to share space with The Man. And I cannot work on my stuff when he's at home.
    So there has been quite a bit of time spent potting-up cuttings, clearing space for new things .And these days, I often put my feet up after lunch and read.Very muddled, but it seems to work!(Dear Santa Claus, I would like a big studio with a lock on the door!)

  5. I found that the parents of one of the children I teach is a botanist, and I was so excited to find that we have Australian indigo growing on our block but... so far, I haven't successfully potted up any of the straggly specimens lurking in the gully. I wonder, where did you get your seeds?

  6. It's good to hear how you juggle your time. Seems arty-people snatch their time/inspiration when it comes. The trouble I find is that I find it terribly difficult to relax unless the time has been specially designated RELAX, preferably in capitals and in red. Just not feeling like working, or even not being able to, due to something like no studio access, seems to make me grumpy (me too, Ersi!) rather than just settling down to enjoy the break.

    Sasha - I think your idea of working any time, even in the middle of the night is interesting. I've done that too, when I've had insomnia. It's only a problem if you have to go to appointments during "normal" hours.

    Sara and Ronnie: on the indigo front, I bought my seeds online from Southern Harvest
    and am happy to report that my first one has sprouted already! That's only 10 days. I had read that it could take 3 weeks, but that is probably further south. Fingers crossed for some more now!

  7. Suddenly my iPad seems to be allowing me to comment! Such an interesting post and comments. I have months when I feel unable to work, which makes me feel disappointed and grumpy, and I just have to wait until the day I suddenly feel capable again. Right now nothing is happening as far as creativity goes, but my life is so full I can't draw breath. Maybe after Christmas I'll get back into the studio.

    Amanda, have a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2013 will be full of joy and light and love, and especially good health for you both. xox