Monday, May 21, 2012

Amanda's Amblings #3

This is an iPhone snap looking out the window tonight. I love chimney pots on rooftops, for some reason.
This is a view in through the glass window of Atelier du Marais, where I am going for bookbinding classes. You can see almost the entire work bench along the right side, where up to six studentsat a time can work. On the left you see two book presses. At the extreme left the wall is covered with shelves from floor to ceiling which are filled with the students'  "boxes". These are where we store our "bits and pieces" when we're not working with them. I'll try to get a photo of the boxes because they are quite beautiful, and they caught my eye last year, leading me to peer in and realize that this was a bookbinding studio
This photo was taken last week-end when the weather was quite warm and sunny. This man is rather a character of the Marais. He appears with this rather fantastical contraption on week-ends when the area is flooded with tourists. Everyone stops to stare and take photos - and he's not backward about asking for a little "something" in return.
The Marais is known as home for young fashion designers, so window shopping is a treat. I can't help thinking I'd need to visit the osteopath if I ever managed to wriggle myself into the straps of this bag. In my typical way, I failed to notice the designer's name.
This was taken during the week and it was much colder (Maximum 13 deg one day). This building is just a bank, but I like the way it fills the corner of the block.
This is a hotel in Rue Payenne. There is a beautiful green square opposite called Square Louis Achille. It isn't huge, but it is lovely, and there are always French children playing and making the most of the space.
Further along Rue Payenne is the Musee Carnavalet, Historical Museum of Paris. At the moment there is an exhibition of photos of Paris by Eugene Atget on there. It is on my "to see" list. This photo shows the corner right opposite, where the Historical Library of Paris is housed (I think).


  1. Thanks for those great photos Amanda. Have you had the opportunity to see the amazing gardens at the Carnavalet Museum. They are stunning!

  2. ooo I love love love all the pics -and the sound of rain in your podcast! I'm salivating just thinking about a store with calligraphy supplies ....oooo ooo ooo (australia's best calligraphy supply is going out of business as I type.... so sad to see wills quills shut down....... sob.... where will we aussies get our calligraphic gear?) sorry - your reference to parchment and calligraphy has set me off!

    have fun - I'm looking forward to the next exciting installment!

  3. The bookbinding studio looks great, Amanda, and how wonderful that it's almost on your doorstep. Having to do things in French is probably the best way to improve quickly, isn't it?

  4. Thanks for your comments - it's nice to be in touch from so far away.
    Janine, I haven't been inside the Carnavalet
    museum yet, but I do hope to, and thanks for the tip on the gardens.
    Ronnie - I'm sure you would love Rougier et Plé. I've never seen anything like it!
    Helen- yes I think that being thrown in thw deep end is the way with language really. I absolutely love it, but it does require constant concentration and is very tiring.

  5. hi Amanda, again I am vicariously enjoying (and envying) your sojourn in Paris. Bookbinding classes sound fabulous. I just had to make another book today, using an old atlas for the covers, and with recycled paper. Look forward to catching up when you get back. xxxx

  6. Amanda, your photos are just wonderful; I want to be there. As Ronnie said the sound of rain in the podcast was lovely, I'm enjoying your pods. I hope to see photos of your books some time.