Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spring is sprung or “It’s a new kitchen!”



New waterlily leaves emerging each day now. What I like about his photo is my “twining's tea” grasp of the iPhone, reflected in the water!


I mentioned that I had a busy Spring planned, and it has kind of swept me off my feet.

After a busy and stimulating time in Melbourne, we returned to finalise details of our kitchen renovation. What started with considered review of articles in Choice about cooktops and ovens, gas vs. induction, finished by dragging ourselves into a lighting chain store, pointing disinterestedly at some spotlights and paying up asap.

In between, there was tile dust, jack-hammering, cement dust, a bench top that didn’t fit in the space left for it between the upper and lower cupboards and more. Oh, did I mention the 7am starts? Might sound reasonable to most people, but it means spending the day in a jetlag-like fog for me.

The good news is the main works were all finished within two weeks, and now we have beautiful bamboo floorboards and a lovely new, fully functioning kitchen with a designer space-age extractor, all looking very swish. We still need to sort out the tiles for the splashback, and a few other details, but we can take our time with that.

So here are a few photos:


What the kitchen looked like before, except that we did have ceramic tiles on the floor, not bare cement!!IMG_0983






One of the cabinets has this rather disturbing message written on it!

(Never did work out what it meant.)




noo kitchen

Do you like the demolition-site aesthetic we’ve gone for with the splashback?

I think it’ll be a new trend.


More soon, and I promise it will be more art and book-related.


  1. I say! A bit flash, what!

    Yes, it's a beastly mess during the "fixing" but worth the hassles.

    New trend? Hmm...that might be a tad hard to sell. ;-)

  2. wow - the centre island looks fantastic

  3. I don't think anyone would complain about a post on new kitchens! Isn't it everyone's dream? Despite the trouble and strain, the results were well worth the effort! Two weeks is amazingly fast for such a wonderful transformation. You guys made great choices. It should be published in a magazine.

  4. La Cuisine est tres swanky! Very nice indeed, and as Dinah says, well worth the effort! Happy cooking...

  5. Oh very chic ! Will you be giving us your 'Delia'
    now ????

    Know JUST what you mean about the 7a.m. starts: had that for 6 months with our renos last year. In the end I got quite used to just finishing my brekkie and being asked which door handles :O)

    You can relax now and start to create again

  6. ha! I love the extended pinky!

    Looks like all of the dreaded early mornings, dust, banging and general chaos was well worth it... your new kitchen is very swish indeed! The light shade looks fabulous, it has an interesting design.

    When is your studio work happening?

  7. I love looking at other people's kitchen transformations. And your choices are just fabulous. Also lovely photo of the fishpond, and your Twinings Tea finger is very cute.
    Seems I may be in Brisbane in January so I'll let you know if it happens.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments about the kitchen.

    Di: the thing about the construction site look is you don't have to sell it - it's free!
    Ronnie: thanks! I'm amazed how much space it has given us - before we were always tripping over each other when we were both in the kitchen.
    AC: You are *very* kind! And I realized that despite all the TV shows about this sort of thing, most people only get to do it once or less in a lifetime, so it is pretty special.
    Sara: ah, yes, the cooking! Amazing the difference it's making already but
    Cusp: no, I don't think I'll be doing a Delia. Altho' maybe...
    And as for 7am? I think it should be banned! I can't imagine how you managed 6 months of it.
    Alision: thank-you! The amazing thing is that while it is a light, its main function is as an extractor fan! And it works!!!
    Azirca: yes, I'm very dainty, aren't I? The studio - well the designer comes on Thursday to measure up for the wall bed. That is the first (& major) step.
    Carol: yes, I love kitchens too, but maybe bathrooms even more...Not that we are up for that for a while. It would be fabulous to meet up if you come to Brisbane in Jan. I'm not planning to go away over summer, so I'll be here! ;D