Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello from Melbourne!


window detailWindow at Heide Art Museum (detail)

I’ve been in Melbourne a week already and it’s great to be here.

We are spending two weeks here, the first entirely holiday, and during the second I’ll be trying to attend as much of the 4 day Impact International Printmakers Conference as I can. Although I can’t make any claim to being a printmaker, there are two streams which I hope to attend:- the one about artists books and the other on digital printmaking.


The entire collection of Book*Art*Object books from both editions so far is to be displayed on Monash campus, where the conference is being held, which will give the group and the work high visibility. As well, there are a huge number of artists book and print-related exhibitions on in Melbourne this month, all timed to coincide with the conference.

The conference starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and the hard-working Ronnie has already installed our work in its display cases at Monash campus. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to rest up today in the hope of getting along to all the stuff I’ve circled in my conference programme!

If you’re interested in following some of the conference action online, head over to the Book*Art*Object blog. Together with Ronnie, Sara and Caren, I will be blogging from the conference, hopefully even “live” at times, as we have all armed ourselves with the appropriate apps for blogging from our mobile (cell) phones.



  1. Oh lovely....sounds so interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing about the digital printmaking in particular. Hope you have a wonderful time x

  2. Hi Amanda
    Sounds great, I hope you have a fantastic time at the conference.
    I'm spending the next 5 days at the ACT conference, which I am really looking forward to. I am facilitating a short workshop as well. Perhaps not quite so visually stimulating however...
    best wishes and hope to catch up sometime before the year's end,

  3. This sounds so cool Amanda. I have to say that Australia seems to me to be one of the most active print scenes in the world. So much going on! I envy that.