Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New book: sneaky peek



Mia, all tucked up

It’s been a long slow week in our household as we all (IT, me and the cat) spent a lot of time sleeping. IT and I have been trying to recover from our colds and Mia, well she’s usually happy to join us in amongst the blankets whenever she gets the chance.

I was quite pleased with myself for just accepting the situation, not fighting and pushing myself, despite the fact that the deadline for sending our Book Art Object books off to Ronnie is this week.

If you’ve read Michael Nobb’s blog,  Sustainably Creative, you might know his approach to slowly moving creative projects forward, with tiny work periods each day (e.g. 20 minutes). I’ve been keeping this in mind this week and amazingly the book is actually getting there!


So below is the first sneaky peek to give you a hint about my book for round 2 of Book Art Object. When the whole edition is finished (I’m planning 10-12) I’ll write some posts about each step of the process.



But for now, this is all!

(drypoint on archival inkjet background)


  1. looking very good indeedy!

    I'm a big fan of using little bits of time to best advantage... and sometimes that means using little bits of time to have little rests.... rest assured your project will get there (and here!) just when the time is right... take it easy... I have faith in you


  2. Hello Amanda. Love this post. Great peek into your beautiful art book. I also like the new photo on your bio. It's an especially nice and jolly one. I want to thank you as well for the address to the Sustainably Creative blog. How cool is he? Very, I'd say. Just the thing I need right now.

  3. just came over from BAO blog; this print is wonderful!!!!! oh i am soooooooo excited to see the rest!

  4. I LOVE what I see and can't wait...

  5. Thanks ronnie! I appreciate your confidence in me.

    Nancy - glad you like Michael's blog. He is very pragmatic and positive. Thanks also for your kind comment on my photo. You know why I look so happy? It was taken at Le Bristol in Paris where we had lunch for our wedding anniversary.

    Abigail & Anna: thank-you both so much! Glad you like the sneak peek. It shouldn't be tooooooooooo much longer till you have your own copy in your hot little hands!

  6. Hi Amanda, this print is not only beautiful but conjures up the sort of image I had when I first read the Winterson piece. I look forward to seeing more pics as you finish and they go out.