Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Quick Addendum

I have two things to share quickly.

First a bit of exciting news. I just heard by email that my book “Caterpillar is to butterfly as book is to?” has been selected for the East Gippsland Regional Art Gallery “Books Beyond…Words” Award exhibition (that is quite a mouthful!)

I’m really thrilled, as I pushed myself pretty hard working on this before we left Australia, so it is nice to be selected after all that. Great news is that Ronnie, another member of Book*Art*Object has also been selected. Double YAY!

Secondly, late yesterday I made it to the wonderful Relma, (3 rue des Poitevins, 75006) which I mentioned in my last post.


This photo shows less than half of the marbled papers on sale.It was a sight to behold! In the next room are the beautiful, soft skins of every colour (I know, it’s so sad, but nevertheless, they are beautiful and deserve to be revered.


Somehow I managed to arrive with only 10 minutes to closing, which was perhaps lucky or I don’t know how I would have been able to make a decision about which papers to choose. With such a brief visit, I didn’t buy anything, just walked around in a state of bliss and awe. Basically there are two large areas, one for skins, one for papers. Then there are smaller spaces for bookcloth and tools, and further on there are presses, board cutters and any other larger items.

As I was hustled from the shop at 5:59pm (most shops close at 7pm here, hence my mistake) I managed to ask for a catalogue, which turned out to be in both French and English. I’ll quote from the introduction:

“…In the small typical parisian streets of the latin quarter, Relma is a privileged spot for book lovers. For more than (a) hundred years we have been revering books and thinking with passion of everything which can protect it, and decorate it.

It is a magic place, you can discover there the most noble materials…”


  1. congrats amanda (and did you know that fiona has had a piece selected too - that makes three BAO peeps and counting! nice eh?)

    now - back to that glorious parisian shop - i want EVERYTHING (think you can squeeze it into your luggage for me?)

  2. Jealous, moi? It looks as if you're having a fab time Amanda! I love your photos - thanks for sharing. Sara x

  3. I know! I know! I want everything too! so you'll have to wait till they re-stock, ronnie.

    No I didn't know about Fiona - that's terrific.

    Sara - I am having a fabulous time, and I think jealousy is a perfectly reasonable response!

  4. that is fantastic news, well done Amanda!
    I am really enjoying seeing and hearing about your time in Paris.
    I heard the other day that time really does go more slowly when you are doing new things you have never done before - hope this works for you too!

  5. Thanks Claire!
    I think the time has been perfect really. We've been able to do so much but just started to tire at the end. But it's been a terrific holiday and after a rest, I'll be ready for another!