Monday, April 18, 2011

There’s good news and there’s bad news


But fortunately, a lot more good than bad!

First the bad news

Paris close

If you’ve been visiting me here for a while, you may have guessed that my recent bloggy silence denotes a period of low energy.

The first few months of this year have been pretty productive for me but about three weeks ago I began to feel that I was over-doing it.

I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the start to the year. Both my energy levels and my ability to make plans and follow through have been good. I started the year setting a few goals and things were coming together well.

Unfortunately it all came unstuck when I disregarded my priorities hoping I’d manage to “do it all”, and then I really pushed the limits to help out a friend. I knew it was foolish, but I hoped that the price would only be a bad week. That was around the time of my last post.

I hope you will forgive my disappearance without a word of explanation. I was hoping that quick action might lead to a quick recovery, but CFS doesn’t really work that way.

And the good news…

Paris 037

Apart from just being good sense, there is another reason that I have been trying to recover quickly, and that is because in just over 3 weeks I will be heading off to Paris for a month. Sacre bleu!

The trip is a holiday, but I have a number of arty ideas and plans.

The first to come to fruition is an e-book that I will publish while I am there. I am still ironing out the details of how this will work, but of course you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to continue my holiday from blogging to give myself the chance of  the best possible recovery. I hope you can bear with me a few more weeks while I rest up and get ready for the trip.

If you think the e-book idea is interesting, and you aren’t already following the blog, it might be an idea to join up so you’ll hear when my next post goes up. You can see a number of different options for following in the column to the left.

When I’m back

After the trip I’ll be diving in to producing my contribution for the next round of Book*Art*Object.

By the way, in case you don’t follow the BAO blog, there was some wonderful news recently from the State Library of Queensland, which has acquired the entire first round (that includes “Judy and the Jacaranda”). This shows great support for our collaborative project and has given the concept a wonderful sense of legitimacy.

When I get home I’ll definitely be posting about writing artists statements and I also have some more information about different venues for selling artists books. But first, some rest.



  1. Rest is a good idea; hope you have a fab time in Paris. Take care of yourself. Can't wait to see the results of your ebook dabbling! But wait I will.


  2. Oh you must prioritise the R&R.....can't jeopardise a trip like that. Dont know how you do it really..I could get to Paris with a 90 minute car ride and a quick ride under the Channel Tunnel but theres no way I could manage it.

    Anyway...have a really great time and look forward to the e-book :O)

  3. yes rest up - 'cause I want to live that paris trip and e-book work vicariously through you! xxx

  4. Sorry you're not in top form Amanda, but with a couple of weeks of rest, you should be good to go, I hope. The weather in France has been absolutely gorgeous these last weeks. I hope it will hold! You'll be here at the perfect time of the year. Enjoy your three weeks off..

  5. Oh yes, lots of rest, and then a bit more rest. Paris! How wonderful. I'm happy to wait patiently for your return. Best of luck with the e-book, and have a marvellous trip. xx

  6. Ooh have fun in Paris! Apart from the travelling I can't help thinking it will be good for you: after all, the patisserie items are health food, aren't they? Good for the soul, anyway. And your e-book sounds really interesting. Enjoy yourself and I'll look forward to LOTS of blogging when you get back! Sara x

  7. You're all very kind and understanding - it's much appreciated. xxx

  8. Safe travels Amanda and stay well and rested. Hope you have a fab time in Paris and enjoy all the magic little moments.

  9. It's so frustrating to be on a good roll and then... Ugh. Sometimes I think it's almost worse to have a good productive time and then have a big setback than it is just to feel crummy. At any rate, I hope you have the most fantastic, restful, rejuvenating, inspiring and amazing time in Paris as possible! Can't wait to hear about it and see the pics. Take care.