Sunday, November 22, 2009

Detail shots

With the heat we've been experiencing here this past week, I haven't been too well, so progress on my book has been slow. I have started printing the first digital pages, but that involves a lot of colour checking and testing, and I haven't really progressed since last Monday.

However, I am finding how beneficial Photoshop is for this type of project. Combining the layers function and with adjustments to the opacities allows me to move imagery backwards and forwards, and experiment with potential page orders. This satisfies some of my urge to keep up the momentum, but of course I'd rather be working with the actual pages.

Below are some detail shots of different orderings of pages. These are just tests - it may be that none of these are in the final book, in just this way. In case you haven't guessed, quite a number of the pages will be vellum, and therefore transparent. In my next post I'll write a bit about why I made this choice.


  1. Stunningly beautiful, Amanda! I wish I could say that I was progressing as well with my book. My concept is totally different but I doubt it will have the beauty that is already so apparent in yours. I look forward to your next post.

  2. Your images look great. your layering is very effective - especially with the colours you've used.
    The heat has been shocking, - it makes it very hard to get motivated. You've done well to get so much done!

  3. it's looking really intriguing amanda - especially the last pic you've posted

    the heat has made everything blah over the last few days - I'm so pleased the change has moved through here and things are a whole lot more liveable

    I'm looking forward to seeing the progression of your piece

  4. I feel sorry for you having to put up with the heatwave that you have been experiencing. We have had a few 30 -32 degree days here which nearly killed me after having temperatures in the low to mid teens. Hope that it lets up soon for you.

    I love your velum pages, the transparent quality the of velum will add an interesting element to your pages.

  5. Thank-you all for your comments and support. It is good to put the images up and get some feedback. I'm really pleased that different people are responding to different groupings, and I am so glad you find it beautiful, Carol. I really have aspired to beauty in my work recently. I think it can be really powerful when work manages to combine beauty with something dark or sad.

    As for the heat, up here in Qld we are much better off than down south, but I still feel pooped!