Friday, April 24, 2009

500 Ceramic Sculptures (including mine!)

Just a quick post to share some exciting news, as this week has been taken up with hospital visiting. My mother, who is now 84, has had a heart attack so things have been a bit crazy here.

At the same time, the Lark book "500 Ceramic Sculptures" has been published and my copy arrived earlier this week. I like the format of these books as many of the images are full page...including one of an earlier work of mine. (see below)

This work was exhibited in a solo show at Craft Queensland in 2002, and my thanks must go to the photographer Alastair Bett, who generously offered his services to document the show. There are more photos of the show on flickr, and I wrote about it in this blog post. The installation of the porcelain pieces was re-worked in Livable 2, which was shown in Melbourne in 2005 in the group show "Home Ground".

This is the first time my work has been included in a book and it is an exciting step for me. These achievements in the "real world" are all more sweet for the extra time they take, and of course my mother is thrilled about it too.


  1. I think it is an exciting step for anyone! Congratulations on the achievement!

  2. Well done Amanda, what an achievement, congratulations to you!
    Sorry to hear that you Mum has been unwell, I wish her a speedy recovery.
    I bet that she is so proud of you!

  3. Congratulations !

  4. Congratulations Amanda, that's great news about the book. That Lark series is so nicely produced, you can really feel happy about having your work there. All the best to your Mum, I hope she's recovering well.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your mum, and I hope she recovers soon.

    Massive congratulations to you for having your work included in a book! That's a wonderful achievement.

  6. Hey! Congrats about the book, that is very exciting!