Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing With Drypoint

A couple of years ago I did a 6 week online printmaking course and learnt an at-home method of creating a drypoint print. I absolutely love intaglio prints and with the acquisition of a cheap second-hand pasta machine, this course claimed they were a possibility. At the time I tested it out and it seemed to work reasonably well, so I decided to trial the method again.

Using a perspex plate and an etching needle I made an image based on this photo (the one on the right). Below is the outcome on kozo paper and you can see two different inkings on watercolour paper here.

Last week I took the plate along to the class I mentioned I am attending at Studio West End. One of the teachers Wim de Vos is a printmaker and he showed me the correct way to ink up the plate and then we printed it on Arches Velin (proper printmaking paper) with the etching press. You can certainly see the difference (below) but I still quite like the result the pasta press gives - it is softer, with less detail for sure, but that can be nice in the right work.

Following on from this little venture in to printmaking, this week I am going to try something I've wanted to explore for years....etching. Stay posted!


  1. Pasta machine! What a great idea. But how wonderful to be able to take it a step further with Wim. That's one of the nice things about Studio West End, Del & Wim are both so generous with their time and knowledge. Keep us posted, I love seeing what you are doing.

  2. I love the drypoint! Old mangles make good presses too - I've never heard of using a pasta machine, but what a groovy idea! Of course you could hand print it as well using a spoon...

  3. Thanks Carol - I love having you drop by.

    Sara: Have you ever tried a mangle as a press? I've been thinking about buying one if I can get one locally (also on Ebay no doubt!)It would allow me to do bigger prints, which is limited by the pasta machine. The other option is of course for me to go to a community printmakers studio (there is one about 20 mins from here) but it's always a lot easier to have what you need on hand.

  4. Anonymous7:05 PM

    That's a beautiful drypoint. I do like drypoints but they make my hand want to drop off.

  5. Thanks Wendy! They are a bit tough, but I use a perspex plate. I'm also planning on trying out the dremel which should make things a lot easier.