Saturday, September 06, 2008

Installation - wip

At the end of August I made a short trip to Melbourne to present at a tutorial and to see my supervisor at RMIT Uni. The trip went well, and it was great to have a space to set up my installation work and get a much better feel for it.

Although I have s p a c e in my workshop, it is definitely a garage, and it does seem to suck the emotion out of work, and make it hard for me to tell whether things are working as they should. A huge white room like Marion Borgelt's studio would be great, but even a small blankish space like the one in this video would be fine.

This is the work I presented for critique (sorry it's a bit dark). Or I should say, I tried to present this work... I set the work up the day before the tut in order to try out a few different spaces and arrangements, and discuss it with my supervisor. Unfortunately the next morning when I arrived with the class and the course coordinator we discovered that a somewhat overzealous cleaner had "tidied" away the crucial shards from the floor! Ah well! It seems that what consitutes art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder....

Thankfully I took the time the day before to document the work. The photos, together with what was left of the work enabled people to give me some valuable feedback. There is a bit of tweeking to do, but generally the work went down well and I'll be able to include it in my masters.


  1. Thnaks for showing all this and the stages in the run up to your final show. It's really interesting seeing it all coming together and your exploratory meanderings. Good that you're not afraid to change ideas last minute and able to see and take on board new possibilities

  2. Dear Amanda just thought that I would stop by to see how things are going with you. You seem to be well 'self contained or should I say centered and just thought that I would send you very best wishes for your final Masters presentation!!!

    Take care and don't overdo it by not getting enough rest and so on.