Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We spent nearly 3 weeks in "Noran Ion" as the locals call it (Northern Ireland to the rest of us) and while I was there, I saw some wonderful posters. They dated from the twenties and thirties and were commissioned to promote travel in Ireland, especially in Ulster (Northern Ireland). There were a few different artists employed but I liked the work of Norman Wilkinson the most. While originals can go for GBP8,000 I was able to find some good quality reproductions at Yard Gallery. We came away with two - including the one above, which depicts Glenariff, one of the nine Glens of Antrim. We weren't able to drive up Glenariff because the road was closed for work, but below are a couple of my photos taken in the same area.

By the way, I've finally managed to open most of the files of photos I've taken on this trip and am slowly starting to upload some of them to Flickr. You can take a look here.


  1. Gosh, those fields are so lush and green, like millions of deep emeralds, just beautiful.

  2. I know - the colours don't look real, do they? We just don't get green fields like that in Australia. And funnily enough, the skies are much paler than those back home, especially in winter.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Anonymous5:28 PM

    L LOVE the poster. When I was last in Switzerland, they had postcards on sale that were images of a similar vintage. I bought and sent heaps of them.